Sunday, 31 October 2010

Day 31 with shameless begging

So here we are, the last day of Blogtoberfest 2010. I must say I have really enjoyed the experience. Some days were challenging, finding something to post about, but it's all good. I have read lots of blogs in the last 31 days, met lots of new and interesting people and also discovered some gorgeous work from others, be it painting, drawing, craft and others.
I am looking forward to next year.

Today I am using the last day as an opportunity to spread the word and also ask for help in making a dream come true. I have posted before about our little man and the condition he has, Congenital Melanocytic Nevus, and what he has been through so far.

The support group here in Australia has been fantastic for him, us and the whole family really. Talking with other parents, asking for help and advice, learning about the latest information, and finding out about doctors and hospitals and care. The support group is small, but fantastic. They are invaluable. As Nevus is quite rare, our group is small, compared to many other charities and organisations that help children and families with medical conditions.
Everyone who helps is a volunteer. Everything is done in peoples spare time.

Every two years the group organises a camp and conference. We call it The Big Bash. The last was held in Sydney in 2008. It was fantastic, for all of us. The children met others with Nevus and talked about their lives. The parents met other parents, and talked about what life is like, doctors, surgery, hospitals, other people staring, how to cope, and lots more.
We parents were part of the conference, meeting doctors in the field and learning about the latest research and information across the world.

While the conference for the parents was happening the children were busy drawing, painting, and being entertained with performers. They had a wonderful time.

The camp/conference is funded entirely by all the Nevus families and donations. We fund raise over the 2 years to make the Big Bash possible.
The next Big Bash will be in Adelaide in January 2011. We are all very excited and looking forward to catching up with friends, and meeting new children and families who have joined us in the last 2 years.

Iam holding a raffle in my corner of the world and it will be drawn November 25th. I am overwhelmed with how generous and wonderful people truly are, donating their time and prizes to our raffle.

As well as the raffle I am sending a call out here for help for donations to the Big Bash 2011.
Every cent donated will go straight to the running of the Big Bash. Every one involved is a volunteer and all give their time so generously.

To donate there are several options. You can visit Nevus Support Australia and donate via cheque, Money Order or Direct Deposit. The lovely Michelle Sibbons started and runs the group. If you are able to donate let her know I sent you.

You can also donate through paypal by clicking on the link on this blog on the top right hand side.

I would also really appreciate it if you could link back to this post, on your blog, to spread the word about our goal to make this happen! You can also click on the button apwool made, on the top left and put it on your blog and link back to this post too. Anything done to help raise for the children is greatly appreciated.

I will post updates about the raffle and also how the fundraising is going.

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