Sunday, 3 October 2010

Rap skirt?

I was admiring this gorgeous skirt just now.

Made by the very talented Zaleoqui.

I called Hub to come and see. He said it was nice and I need more clothes like that. I agreed.
The 8 year old then wanted to see.
"Oooh what kind of a skirt is that?
"A wrap skirt"
"A rap skirt? for rapping in?"
"Umm well it is wrap, as in wrap around, but yeah I guess if one wanted to they could rap in it too"

What a gorgeous skirt for Spring though. After a beautiful day today I am now on the lookout for lovely skirts and tops. Sigh, I love Spring!


Sazz said...

oooh I LOVE it too!

Anonymous said...

Rapping skirt, hehehe. Tis a lovely skirt :)