Wednesday, 27 October 2010

A disclaimer

From yesterday's post, a small disclaimer.

I have nothing against anything organic, be it food, clothing or any other. My issue is with such things being seen as the gold standard of parenting, rather than a complement of parenting itself.

Any more questions, feel free to ask.

In other news I have completed my red square and am both excited about it, and in a silly way, a tad embarrassed. My piece is very novice, but I enjoyed doing it, and am pleased with how it looks.
When the wonderful Mumma has the square I will post a picture.


Lauren said...

<3 I'm so enjoying reading your daily posts, C. Please don't feel shy about your square. I'm loving how different everyone's squares are - so beautiful :) I've always loved how women express themselves in a textile medium and the significance of womens stories worked into a practical object. My girls have asked to have a go at a square each too, so we're most certainly embracing creativity in every form. xx

Clare said...

Naww thank you hun. I really enjoyed making it, and am very excited to see all the squares together.
How lovely for the girls to do a square also, such a lovely addition to the quilt.