Saturday, 27 February 2010

6 days....

is all it took to eat them all.

It's hard to tell but this basket is fairly large. There is approximately 50 apples.
Yes, we will be planting apple trees on our land.

Thursday, 25 February 2010

Well I thought it was funny

Eldest Son "Have you seen the remote?"

Me "Check the dish washer"

Eldest Son "The dish washer? Who would put it in there!"

Son walks over and opens dishwasher.

Me "Is it in there" (Trying not to laugh)

Eldest Son "No"

Me "Hmm, what is in there?" (Huge smile on my face)

Eldest son looks at me, then smiles "The dishes"
Then proceeds to put clean dishes away, laughing.


2 year old is naked on top of our table, dancing with a tea towl on her head. I figure, meh, so long as she is not getting into stuff, trashing the older kids bedrooms and allowing me to reply to emails and posts, we are all happy!

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

When Wednesday

When kids can make fun out of anything!

When you move to a new estate where only half of it has houses and the rest is either in the building process or vacant land.

When your children discover on the vacant blocks beside you that someone has dumped an old Kiddy Toy FWD.

When even though this 4WD Toy has texta all over it, and is falling apart with no steering wheel your kids can still see the potential. Bless them.

The above photo still makes me laugh. My eldest son is driving, with his BMX gloves on. Sons 7 and 3 have the job of pushing the '4WD'

Thursday, 11 February 2010

Friday night confesions (on Thursday)

Carrying on from Tiff over at Three Ring Circus I am here, on Thursday, to make a confession.

Deep breath.

When I go to bookstores I hide the crappy parenting books. The ones that in my opinion are child abuse. (The kind of books that I won't mention as I don't want to give them even the slightest bot of acknowledgement.) I will put them under the shelves at the bottom, kick them under. Take a few for a walk over to the fishing or mechanics section, and put them behind bigger books.

Then, the awesome pregnancy and parenting books such as Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering anything by Pinky McKay and of course Ina May, these books I take out and arrange a few on the shelves facing me, so other will see them standing out.

So there, it's out.

Now tell me yours.

Monday, 8 February 2010

My love/hate relationship with Lego...

Every parent who has Lego in their life knows exactly what I am going to say. And with every parent is a child who loves their Lego and would play everyday if allowed.
Our children make all sorts of marvelous creations. Setting them up all over the house.
Of course then the littles will grab them, pull them apart and toss the pieces all over. Little Lego pieces spread far and wide. Some will even reach the driveway, and in the car.

We have Lego in every room of the house. While some rooms look clean and Lego free, do not be fooled. Lego is in there hiding.
After we sold our house last year the only thought I had after we left for the last time was "I wonder how much Lego the new owners will find in there, and in the backyard"

Then we move on to the number one question posed by parents about Lego. How to store it. Wow, the answers I have heard to this question.
One family has several tubs, with Lego pieces organised by colour. Another has it organised into the different types of pieces. Another, and I find this the most funny, but sad for the child, whenever Lego is purchased, say a Plane, truck, spaceship for example, it is put together and then must stay that way. Yes the child can play with it, but it not allowed to take it apart.
If by chance parts are taken off, the parent will get the instructions and fix it again.

Our method, IMO is the least causing of headache. A huge tub in the bedroom. Lego is 'meant' to stay in the bedroom. Every now and then the kids want to tip it all out. So we get a huge blanket and lay it out, dumping the Lego in the middle.
After several masterpiece creations are made, the children all marvelling at how awesome and fantastic they are, we grab each corner of the blanket and pour it all back into the tub.

While I have found this is the least hassle when dealing with Lego there is one teeny detail that means nothing will ever beat Lego, and you will never get rid of it, even after you pack it up and sell it on eBay, give it away, or make the kids take it with them when they leave.

The detail? Lego breeds. You may think you have found every piece, but you haven't. Lego is hiding, in nooks and crannies beyond your reach. Breeding. Mocking you.
Waiting. Waiting for that moment in the middle of the night when you decide to get a drink from the kitchen. Its dark. On your way to a nice refreshing drink you step on a piece a Lego. What the f---? How did this get here, I thought I got them all.
F-----g Lego.

Wednesday, 3 February 2010


Two years ago we welcomed you, our 2nd daughter. You joined your older sister, and three older brothers. I had no idea we were having a daughter. No feelings, inklings or dreams of whether we were to meet a son or daughter. The one and only dream I did have was an image of me in a pool of water, holding a baby in my arms, and a feeling of happiness. What made me laugh was all I could see of the baby was from the belly button up.
I wanted a surprise and I was going to get it.

I have never cared what sex our children were. When you, our baby was still snug inside me I only wanted a healthy baby, as we all hope for.

Born in water, in our cosy loungeroom, siblings there to greet you with smiles and laughter. Caught by Daddy. I turned around to take you into my arms and Hub turned our baby towards me and I could see we had another daughter. I was overwhelmed with joy. I know had two beautiful girls. Girls that would always have a sister, there for eachother.

Lets not sell the 3 brothers short though. They all adore you, and have such patience with you, it is wonderful to see. Brothers who treat you so well, and so lovely that when it comes time for you to start thinking about possible suitors the bar will be set high. I like this. I can only hope that by being treated with such great love and respect all my children will not settle for anything less.

What would a post be without a photo of the birthday girl and her daddy. I have so many photos of you asleep on your daddy, and that is with me taking them once in a while. For at least your first year all you wanted was mummy. Sure you'd settle for daddy if I was not there, but if I was there, it was me you would go to.

The last year has seen you feeling ready to go more to daddy, and this has been great for us all. Mummy was able to breathe a bit better while being pregnant, while you snuggled with daddy which he loved, loves.

Two years also marks another special anniversary for us. Two years of breastfeeding. I know in Utopia it would be no big deal. Most children would be breastfed for at least 2 years.
In our world, it is a big deal. I feel so pleased to have reached this milestone, for the first time with you.

More knowledge, support from other mothers who have been there, and studying to be a breastfeeding doula/counsellor made a huge difference to achieving this goal.
Now with your little sister, I am amazed at how I can nurture you and her, and have plenty of milk for you both.

Without making it all lovely. You can also drive me bonkers. Insisting on being in the bathroom with me every time I go there. And when I am in there and stuck you will try, and sometimes succeed in grabbing a toilet roll and kick it along the floor and out the door. Helping me with anything in the kitchen, which involves making the process go twice as long. Pulling all the folded laundry off the couch so you can jump on it.

Reaching a note so high when screaming I am sure my ears will burst. Scaring the pants off me when I turn my back for two seconds, only to turn back and you are sitting on your baby sister.
I should say though that I know how much you love her. Always trying to kiss and cuddle her. You will lean on her to kiss her on the cheek. Bubby not too keen on that.

Sometimes when I have saved your sister for the 10th time in a day I will sigh and tell you how much you drive me bonkers. You laugh and tell me "You bonka Mumma" and I will laugh.

You also, like all children, love to mimic Daddy and I when we are telling on of the other kids to do something. We might tell them to brush their teeth. You will yell, quite loudly too "Brush your teeth boys, right NOW!!" It is hard not to laugh. It is quite cute to see such a loud roar from such a little cub.

You make yourself heard, despite being so little. Your place in the family is well made, and you don't let anyone forget it.
We wouldn't have it any other way.

As much as I prefer for you to stay little, I am looking forward to the next year, and the joy you will bring to our family.