Monday, 18 October 2010

Musical Monday

Thank you to apwool for the idea today!

When I was little there was nothing with my name. No rulers, no pencils, no hairbrushes, cute little badges or pencil cases. On the very rare chance we saw something, the name was spelled with an i in the name.

The first record ever bought for me was of Gilbert O'Sullivan. My Dad bought it because of the song 'Clair' on it. It was so exciting to me to hear my own name. I never knew anyone else with my name or saw it on books or movies. I remember when Dad would play records late at night when we were in bed but not asleep. I would ask for my song.

I loved that song! and still do. It makes me smile every time I hear it. I often play it on Youtube so the kids can hear it while I sing, well attempt to anyway.

Here it is for you to enjoy too. My favourite part when I was little was the little girl laughing at the end, so sweet.

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