Thursday, 7 October 2010

Thursday Op Shop

A post for two reasons. Firstly the gorgeous apron I found at a local market last week. Two dollars! It is very cute. Gingham material, in red which I love, and a handmade Tulip sewn on it. The flower is a pocket. Love it.

Second reason. I often post photos of my children and they are smiling, laughing or happy. Well here is proof they are not always like this. I asked her why she pulled that face and she said "Just to be funny"
What is funny is this is exactly how she looks when she is scowling, mostly at her brothers for not watching her dance or sing for the hundredth time in a day.

FYI she always dresses herself. I sometimes remind her to get a jacket if it is cold or suggest shorts if it is a hot day and she is wanting to wear jeans, but overall it is important to me they are free to where what they like. Besides, it's much more fun watching the creations they put together.


Lauren said...

Oh isn't that a gorgeous apron?!! Love it :) Love the scowl too. The owlets always choose their outfits too. I love seeing what they come up with :)

Sazz said...

H and your eldest DD are kindred spirits when it comes to clothing and dressing thmselves. I'm slowly learning to gwt over myself and live with red beanies paired up with green jumpers and summer shoes in the rain....AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!