Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Fun times with Kids

Up until 2 minutes ago my mind was blank. I had nothing to write about.
Then my 2 year old started blowing her nose. No not on a tissue, come on, this is a 2 year old.
It was turning her head in all directions and blowing out her nose.
"What are you doing?"
"My node, my node"
"What about your nose? Is that a booger?"

I held her head up and looked, gah! It was a small bead from a bracelet. Thankfully it came out easily. I put it beside me tucked under my leg.
A minute later she is blowing again.

"Did you do it again!!"

Yes she did.

"Are you freaking kidding me!"

Thankfully I got that one out too, and in the bin they all go.

She is not the first to do it, and she won't be the last. Other incidents have included Lego pieces in ears and nose, coco pops and rice bubbles in nose, a Twistie in the nose, and a large Lego wheel stuck in the mouth.
There have been more but that is all I can think off the top of my head.

This blog post was brought to you by your friendly service announcer. Reminding parents to never underestimate what children will try to put in their ears, nose and mouth.


apwool said...

oh my gawd. I want to know how one gets a large lego wheel stuck in their mouth. Or maybe I don't...

I am so glad that the only incident we have had is choking on a 20 cent piece, there has been no other items placed in places they shouldn't be LOL.

So glad you got it out too!!

Nat said...

Hahaha, love it. Maybe I will love it even more in a few months/years time as the second one grows up. (The first one appears to have bypassed that stage and only sticks her fingers up there.)

katepickle said...

oh dear!

I remember when I was teaching preschool a little girl once got the centre of a daisy stuck up her nose because she was trying to smell it... a lot. She ended up at hospital to have it removed!

Am tempting fate now, but can't believe none of my kids have ever don that... yet

Clare said...

apwool, I actually have a picture of the 8 year old asleep with a lego toy in their mouth.
Nat and Kate, hoping we haven't tempted fate with your kiddies!
I laughed out loud at the daisy. Poor thing, glad it was removed.

How boring life would be without kids hey.