Thursday, 27 August 2009

Where have you been?

So, How are you? How have you been? What's new?

Here, well, life has been happening. We finished the house, put it on the market and spent 2 weeks like crazy people keeping it clean. I was tempted to keep the kids outside in tents, so the house would stay neat. So I looked up tents online, meh. Just a little tempted.

In our strong desire to move on, we had a one month settlement. Most people thought we were
nuts, but hey, we were the ones moving, it was our house. In the end this was perfect. It forced us to get the last things organised, find a rental and get the hell out.
Amongst all this we had 2 of the children's birthdays. Our eldest and our 3rd.
Let's not the forget the little matter of a wee belly babe growing inside me. My belly is huge!! But that is me, we have big bubbas, I'm used it now.

Bellyfruit has been increasing in strength and movements over the last month. It is quite bittersweet, this being our last baby. I am enjoying and embracing pregnancy, but also content that this really is our last.

I never before, in the other pregnancies had 'that feeling' The we are done feeling.
This time, I have felt it from the start and it has stayed.
I feel content and happy about it.

What else has been going on. We looked at several properties to buy, but none of them fitted us. None grabbed us. Then after yet another awesome episode of Grand Designs, we realised the only way we were going to get the house that fitted and suited us, was to build it.
So now we are looking at land.
Fun and crazy times can always be had with us.

We are closer to settling in here. A few more boxes to unpack, and the rest of the many books we have to put on shelves and we are done.
The kids are enjoying playing in the vacant block near our house. Lots of messy fun to be had.
Schooling is almost back on track, getting there slowly. Adding more resources as I find them which is always exciting.
The boys love science, and even though I don't, in any way shape or form, I am diving in. Their education is about them, not me. So, a science hunting we go!
I have subscribed to a magazine for them. It is a science magazine for kids.

We also have our first Home Ed camp to look forward to next year. Lots of activities for all the children, which they are very excited about.

So much more has happened , all small, everyday things. Here are some pics of the last couple of months to help tell the story.

Having fun with fake moustache. Always a great pastime.
Here we have oldest and youngest(for now) peaking over from behind the table, being used as a barrier, while Hub was painting the kitchen.

I promise you will not have to wait as long for the next entry!