Sunday, 10 October 2010

For April

Today we went to an expo that including blacksmithing, wood turning, all things old fashioned and medieval too, pony rides, knitting and spinning, pottery and............ felting!!

Here is miss 6, carefully laying the fleece.

With her first creation. She was so excited about the whole process. The woman with the stall was so patient and lovely, taking time to explain every step and guide her. The finished product below was done with the bubble wrap method.

The ten year old was keen to try everything there. I was walking passed the felting with my 6 year old and we saw him having a go. My daughter said "Ohhh, I'll go and help him, cause I am an expert now"
He said it was ok, but he preferred the pottery.
And of course after he was finished she just had to have another go. This time she asked if there was any other ways to felt. The woman said yes and that she could show her, so they did!
Here she is using bamboo mats, the type used to make sushi.
She ended up having 4 goes at the felting. There was two woman at the stall and after the 2nd time they laughed when she went back again, saying "Hello again, let's go!" They loved helping her as much as she loved learning.
We definitely have a new hobby! Coming home with her felt masterpieces I said to her how much April would love to see them.
You now have a felting buddy April!


alecat said...

Aww ~ that's so lovely!

What a great day to be out having fun, too. :)

Anonymous said...

oh yay!! a woolly apprentice, I am so proud :D

Looks like a fabulous day :)

Louise said...

looks like a wonderful day , especially with all of those fabulous felties

Anne said...

Wow1 I love the felting. Sound like an fun day...:)

Sazz said...

How wonderful! I'll have to het her to teach me!