Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Next year I'll do things different...

Is what I say every year. And every year it is a few days before Christmas and I am still running around getting 'last minutes things' of all sorts. Sticky-tape is always top of the list as the kids go through it like water here. I find sticky tape everywhere, it drives me batty. On the table, on the chairs, on the windows, on the desk, on my laptop, on shoes, not to mention all the gorgeous artwork it is helping to stay up on the Walls, doors and windows.

I went out today, uh, yes, Christmas eve, I know, I know. Just me and bubs in the wrap. I thought it would be easy. Get in, grab the few things, get out. Nope. My first gripe of insane shopping on Christmas eve is girls clothes. Pink, pink, pink, pink, and oh wow is that a dab of peach? nope, light pink. Since when did pink become the only colour a girl can wear? Last I checked there was more colours than pink. Red, green, blue, purple, orange, yellow, all such lovely vibrant colours just waiting to be made into clothes for all to wear. If anyone has any links to colourful, bright clothes that don't stereotype please let me know. And if anyone reading this works for a manufacturer of children's clothing, please, please, I beg you, enough with the pink already!!!
Next grip is shorts for girls. Id it that hard to make shorts for girls that are not "short-short" I don't know about other parents but I for one do not want my child's butt hanging out the bottom of her shorts, Call me crazy but I like a 4 year old to dress like a 4 year old. I'd have something to say about shorts that short even if she was a teenager, and no doubt I will. But for now she is a young girl, and I prefer to dress her in sensible clothes that allow her to play and run around as she loves doing.

Another gripe (I did say there were several, lol) is people pushing in line when they KNOW you were there first! They made eye contact with you as they walked towards you and stood next to you!
Why? are you that rude that you can't wait an extra few minutes while the PERSON WHO WAS THERE FIRST gets served. Yes, it happened to me, withing a minute of me being asked if I was next and I said and ushered towards another woman who was there before me.
Bah to you man who after spitting out what he wanted before I could say hey I was first, then avoided eye contact with me. I am sure he felt the daggers shooting from my eyes into his head.
But it's Christmas, got to think lovely, nice thoughts. Yeah, whatever.

Final gripe (I promise!) is sales assistants, or are they called sales clerks, or cashier, or shop assistant? I can't keep up with all the PC terms nowadays. You are there solely to 'assist' buyers in their purchases. What? you didn't realise that was part of the job? You thought you just had to stand behind the counter and chat to your friend about who is seeing who and what party you are going to, been to or want to go to and who you will be meeting up with? Well, strap yourself in because I have so much more!! Another part of your job is to smile and greet the customer. Remember the customer? the person buying goods at the store you are working for? It is the customers purchase that keeps the store running, and it's a smashing idea to be as helpful as you can to said customer, as they may well be so chuffed with your helpfulness and politeness that they will come back, and even tell your friends.
What? I lost you at PC?

Arrgghhhhh. Several stores I went into today the 'person working there' just looked as they couldn't be bothered. Yes, I know it's Christmas and it's busy, blah, but really is it that hard to say Hello?

There were some good things about shopping today, so don't get me wrong and think I am boo hooing everything, lol In one store the assistant was wonderful. She seemed quite smitten with bubba, who was more interested in trying to grab at everything as I walked past. The woman was happy, cheerful and actually asked me if I needed any help! I know, if it weren't for the baby I may have fainted. I did buy something gorgeous from the store and will definitely be back. They have such lovely candles and holders there. And they smell good too, the candles I mean.

So my point? Next year I want to have all my shopping done before December begins. It is a challenge I have set before and am yet to fulfill. And, like I say every year.... next year it will be different!

It is now 3:10am on Christmas morning! All presents wrapped, house moderately cleaned and I am ready for bed!
Have a wonderful day everyone! See you again really soon, I promise.

Thursday, 18 December 2008

A wonderful weekend, in pictures no less

Sweet Harriet, best friends with my bubba. They may only be 10 months old but they have been friends their whole lives, even before they were earthside.
This past weekend we had the pleasure of the company of a gorgeous little family. Their oldest (an currently only, but there are several to come :) ) was loved and doted on by us all. I have a feeling our bubba breathed a sigh of relief to see her siblings smothering, ahem, I mean caring for another bubba, giving her a break, lol

The two bubbas having an hysterical time laughing at my 2 year old playing peek-a-boo through the window. It was so cute to see our bubba sharing in a moment that happens so often in our house when one of the older children escape. Bubba will crawl straight to the window as she knows they will be there, to make her laugh and squeal. I can never get tired of watching my children laugh and play.

Playing with the curtains. They are quite tasty apparently, all the bubbas love to taste them when they come to visit.

My eldest and his new little playmate. I loved watching how lovely he was with both bubbas. He wanted to go home with our friends. I could have said yes, as I do have some more children to spare, but we would miss him terribly.

Despite a few over gentle whacks, hair pulls and pinches the moment caught here was actually affection. My bubba was patting her little friend. Not sure why, guess it's a baby thing.

Our bubba showing her friend how to play with a toy she normally is not really interested in, lol But you know how it goes, as soon as someone else goes near a toy, the other child wants it!
I love the look on Harriets face here, so cute!
I am sure they all enjoyed the peace and quiet at their house, after the what can be at times ear piercing loudness of our house. Loud, crazy, noisy, but also loving, laughter and fun.
We hope we have not scared our friends, and that they will come back soon!

Thursday, 11 December 2008

Caught me by surprise

Those of you with more than the 'average' amount of children can share my frustration I am sure when you are out and about with the whole family.
I lost count 2 children ago at the comments from strangers. Yes, strangers, people who do not know me or my family, have never met us let alone every laid eyes on us before.

Many, many comments have been flung our way. Some jokingly, some with a laugh, some in a sarcastic tone, some quite rude. They all seem to meld together over time.
"Don't you have a TV?" "You've got your hands full" "Don't tell me you're pregnant and already have 4?!" (That one stung. How sad must ones life be to say something nasty like that)
"one, two, three, four....." (this one I find very odd. They are clearly counting in their heads as I can see them nod their head as they look at each child. Should I congratulate them on counting to five? Adding that they can now count almost as well as my 2 year old?)

I have my good days and my bad days. Most of the time I shrug it off. After all, comments that come from others tell me about them and the kind of person they are. I don't need to be told I am crazy, or must have rocks in my head. I don't, and am not. People saying things like that tells me that they cannot see the bright side of life.
They see 5 children and think of fighting, screaming, struggling, not coping with their own 2, let alone any more.
I see 5 children and think of laughter, kisses and cuddles, snuggling together to read a book, playing in the back yard together, helping each other, always having someone there to talk to or play with... I could go on.
Don't get me wrong there are times when it is crazy around here. Moments when I long to go for a walk on my own and have quiet. It is just part of the whole package that is our family, just like any family. You can tell my focus, from the title of this blog.

Then, when you think you have heard it all, something strange happens. It is so rare that you feel light headed as it catches you off guard. A few seconds go by as you compute what has happened. Did she? Was that? Then you smile, someone said something lovely about your family.
A few weeks ago we headed of to a shopping centre. All 7 of us. We needed to buy a few things and so off we all went.

I took a deep breath as we walked into the entrance, thinking to myself to just focus on keeping us together and not look at other people. 10 seconds in the door a woman, I'd say in her 60's stopped and looked at us all. As we walked closer to her she smiled and said "What a beautiful family you have, how lucky you are"

I stopped, in shock, my brain focusing on every word before it hit me. A compliment, she said something nice. Hold me so I don't fall!
Hub and I smiled back at her and said thank you so much, and that we think the same.
I kept smiling for the rest of our shopping trip. It is so heart warming to have someone else see our family the way we do. To see the good in having a larger then norm family, rather than focusing on (what they perceive as) negatives.

Then a week later we were out walking, the kids on their bikes as we walked up to the supermarket. Bubs was on my back in the wrap. She loves it, and so do I.
A woman was walking towards us and took note of the children flying by her on the bikes. Then she us, and bubs on my back and smiled saying "Oh and you have a bubby all snug on your back too. Wow, that is just great, such a lovely big family"
Again we smiled and said thank you. It really does warm the heart to hear nice comments.

So if you are out and about and see a large family, please don't hesitate to smile and tell them how wonderful their family is. You really will make their day. And you never know, it may be me and mine.

Thursday, 4 December 2008

Ten months young

Sweet baby girl, you seem insistent on growing like a weed. I can't keep up! It is impossible to look at you and not smile. Even when we are having a melt down, I am still so happy that you joined our family. OK, well, maybe I could do without the screaming in my ear and yanking of my hair when you being carried on my back, but really, they are small drops in the ocean of you.
You have changed so much in the last month. You are crawling so fast, and always with a determined look on your face. I love it. I will run around the corner and hide and you will call out for me and start crawling, and find me. I will smile and say "You found me" and you will sit up and clap your hands, laughing. This game never wears you out. You could do it for hours if I didn't have to rescue your siblings from eachother now and then.

At the moment you are crawling after your siblings. I wonder if you have mastered crawling so quickly because you want to follow them and they move much faster than you. You can go so fast, your legs trying to go fast to keep up. You like to crawl on your hands and feet, with your body in the air. It is very cute, and reminds me of when your sister and brothers crawled the same way.
I love watching as you grow, often reminding me about one of the other children. Memories that have faded over the years. Where once crawling was a big deal with them, nowadays we are amongst Lego, Star Wars, Indy, and not to mention all the burping, that while funny to them, drives me crazy.

A couple of times in the last week you have been standing and then let go of what you were holding on to. The longest was about 20 seconds. It is very cute to watch as you let go, then stand there, then you look at your feet, realising and drop to the floor again. I know what this means, and I am torn between being excited as you move towards walking, and wanting you to slow down, no need to grow so fast. You have the rest of your life to walk. But I know in no time at all you will be running off outside with your siblings, yelling back "Bye Mumma" without turning around. *sigh*

I want to remember everything about you. But I know so many snippets of how you are right now will fade over time. I take solace in the fact that you have all of us taking pictures of you, almost every day. Every few nights I check the camera and there is more photos of you taken by your siblings. Half your face, an eye, the back of your head, your feet, some of them blurry, but all taken with love and in a wonderful moment shared between you all.

As I have said every month, they adore you. Sometimes they love you a bit too much, with hugs and kisses, even when you are squealing and pushing them away. They include you as much as possible in their games. Even when they do their conga line. Your oldest brother will hold you, the others behind him, and you go around the house together laughing and saying "Conga, conga, conga"

Even outside they will jump around, make faces and run around, making you laugh. If I could ask for one thing, it would be the bond you all share stays strong as you grow. While you all have your moments, you do get along very well, and look out for eachother, especially the baby.

You, sweet baby only need to cry out once and you have several people all running over to you, seeing if you are ok.
They can hear you when you wake in the morning and love coming in to our ed to say good morning. You smile and laugh at them as you whack their faces and they pretend to squeal. It is one of your favourite games to play, along with dropping things and having someone pick it up for you, and then you dropping it again. You think it is hilarious, and so do I, as thankfully I am not the one doing it with you! Yay for older siblings sharing the fun.

You have discovered, in the last week, where the pots and pans are, and how to get into them. You love making lots of noise with them, and squinting your eyes from the loudness you are making. Of course then your siblings come over to join you and wow, what a racket!

I am yet to buy you a baby book. I did think about not getting one, as I have milestones and funny moments here, but, your siblings all have them, so I will get you one too. I have written less in each baby book. I understand now when others told me before I had children, How their first baby had everything written in. Then each baby that joined the family had less and less.
I remember telling Hub that I would not do that. How horrible for the younger children! I would make sure I wrote in all of them!
Then I had children, and realised time flies by so quickly, it's hard to keep up. I hope you don't mind that your book will have quite a few places with "Mummy and Daddy were busy running after all the kids and can't remember exactly when this happened. But is was Summer, they know that much"

I do hold many memories, and thankfully there are others in our little family who remember many wonderful moments and will share them with you too. That is one part of our large-ish family I love. So many people making and sharing memories together. Holding precious memories about the younger children, to share with them in years to come.

I do hope so much that you will grow up with wonderful memories of our family, the laughter, tenderness of your siblings towards you, and mostly that even in the crazy moments there is so much love in our house.
Now I just need to remember that when I am being yelled at because you are messing up your siblings game/toy/work in a few years. Something tells me though, that they won't be too phased about it.

Last but not least, your smile. It truly melts my heart. I love that I can be so frazzled, tired and just want to explode, and then you put your arms up for me to pick you up. I sigh, pick you up and you whack my face and smile, your tongue curling and sticking out a it in the corner of your mouth. Who could not smile at that! Then you will grab my face at open your mouth and try to chomp on my nose or cheek, I will pretend to be afraid 'Oh no help me' and you laugh and bounce around on my hip, your hands waiving around, trying to whack me or pull my hair.

I love it.

Monday, 1 December 2008

Protective, even in my dreams

This post is for Hubby. I didn't get a chance to tell him this morning while he got ready to work, as I was sleeping soundly with a gorgeous babe in my arms.

I dream the most weird dreams. Don't we all!
Last night was no exception. My dream was one of those that seems all over the place. Little spurts of things happening at once.The main part I remember is Hubby hopping on a bus, and me waving good by, just before getting in my car, right hand drive (? We have left hand drive here, but oh well) and as I did a man came up to my car reached in and grabbed my parking ticket. Saying something like "you don't need this anymore"
I get out and say "Give me back my ticket" then he comes back yelling and screaming at me. I was very frightened, and tried to get back in the car but he would let me.
Then all of a sudden Hubby is there and grabs the guy and throws him aside.

Then I woke up to a baby slapping my tummy like a drum and giggling.

Yes, weird dreams. I know some people believe dreams have meanings and interpretations. I wonder what that dream meant?

While you are at it, maybe tell me why one dream I had years ago was about me going to get a drink from the fridge, that happened to on the road in the middle of the street. Yup, weird alright!
Tell me your weird dreams, make me feel better :)

Monday, 24 November 2008

Love is in the back seat of my cadillac...

...or the front seat of a van, ha! And not much loving can happen when you have a baby at the drive in with you.
I fed the kids before we left and gave strict instructions to try and act in a way that would not leave our babysitter oozing brain matter out her nose and ears. They adore her and love it when she comes over and so get very excited to see her.
On the way to the drive in we stopped off at the supermarket to get some lollies and movie food, cause no way am I paying ten dollars for a pack of choccies I can get at the store for less than half that price!

Bubs fell asleep on the way and I dared have that thought, you know the one. "Ooh maybe she will sleep through the movie" Ha! Nope, she woke up just as we turned into the entrance. Oh well.
We drove around and picked a good spot, although it was still light. Hubby tuned in the radio and enjoyed the tacky music.
We hoped it would be dark by the time the movie started. Which it did. Perfect timing actually. It started to get dark as the ads were playing.
Bubs was not at all interested in watching the screen. She was more interested in looking through the glove ox and throwing everything out of it. Paper, receipts, toys flying all over the car. It kept her amused until I had finished my drink and then she chomped on that.

The movie in question was Bond, James Bond. Yes it's annoying, but I just had to say it like that. I thought the movie was ok, but definitely not a great 'Bond film'
I won't go into it as some people may not have seen it yet, and everyone has different tastes in movies.

We enjoyed over priced pop corn, that lucky for them was quite yummy. It is always amusing to me when I go out with Hubby, just us, and/or the youngest child. Eating something and not sharing. I often forge what it is like, and going out with just us reminds me of how wonderful it is! I always share everything with the kids, so to have something to myself, without hiding in the bathroom with my feet against the door and shovelling it in, is always a big treat.

Going out to the drive in also reminded us at how old we are getting. By 10pm we were both yawning and ready for bed. I remember the days when we would be walking out the door at that time, heading off to a party, club or pub *sigh*

All in all a big thumbs up from us both. We are looking forward to going back again.

Friday, 21 November 2008

Again with the poo...

I know, she's talking about poo again!! What can I say? It's a big part of my oh so glamorous day.
You would think after 8 and a half years and 5 children I would not be hung up about it. But it still amazes me how much bodily functions are a focus of my time and effort.
Today my 2 year old didn't make it to the toilet in time. As I got closer to him he starting laughing and ran away, so I chased him, telling him to stop. Yea, cause that's gunna work.
He just ran faster and squealed louder. Then he stopped and pushed his back against the hallway wall. Yeah, you know what happened then.
So in the bath he goes and cleaning the wall I go. Of course then after cleaning that part of the wall I noticed the other half of the wall with grubby hand and finger marks, and foot prints. How did they get those so high up the wall.

In short I ended up cleaning the whole wall, both sides. Then the bathroom doors, cause compared to the walls they were looking grubby. It never ends. It is worse than the song that never ends, cause even that you actually can stop by putting your hand over the child's mouth who insists it is the greatest song and insists on singing it ALL the time.

Our plans for the Drive-in have been postponed until Sunday. Our babysitter was not able to make it Wednesday. But I certainly don't complain as she is an awesome person who loves the children and they adore her. So stay tuned for Sunday night for the tale of our romantic night out. With the baby. ha!

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Reminds me of Grease (The movie)

Tonight Hubby and I are heading off to the Drive-in. We have never been and I for one am very excited. Excited? about the drive-in? You don't get out much do you Mummy?

Well, no, no I don't. Some days my journey out in the world is to the clothes line and back.

Feel my excitement! Every time I think of the drive-in, I remember Grease, the movie. Not that we will be in a cool convertible car with the top down and walking around all cool like with our pink and leather jackets.

Far from it. We will be the laughter of the night in our van, complete with baby in the back. Yes, of course baby is coming to. As my eldest says to others when they ask "Wherever Mummy's boobs go, baby goes"

We will be seeing the latest Bond movie. Hubby has a crush on Daniel Craig, but I am cool with it. After seeing him interviewed the other night, in which he was quite funny, said fuck in the first few minutes and giggled, I think he is pretty cool too.

And for those following along, yes I will be having popcorn and coke. It will be fine. I promise I will be back on the wagon tomorrow.

I'll let you know how the movie goes, and my first time at a drive-in.

Monday, 17 November 2008

Is it a boy thing?

This morning we were driving home from dropping of Hubby's dry cleaning. Part of the way is a winding road with lots of land and trees. Kangaroos are often seen amongst the bush. My eldest son was looking out of his open window and commenting how cold the wind was. Then he shouts "Oh, Oh, Oh"
"What?" I say, (and not in the concerned way, but the annoyed 'Guh, what now' way)

"A dead Kangaroo on the side of the road" He says, a little too excitedly, to which younger brother in the back says
"Where, where is it? I can't see it" "I miss all the cool stuff"

Older brother says "Don't worry if I see another one I'll tell you straight away"

Friday, 14 November 2008

Things I never thought I would get so excited over...

or so interested in.
After typing up the things I never thought I would say, or say so often I started thinking about how my life has changed since before kids. I was quite selfish back then, which I don't see as a bad thing, but as a consequence of my life at the time. It was just me to worry about. Just me to spend all my money on. Just me to buy clothes and shoes for, oh wow, so many shoes *Sigh*

Now with children my priorities are very different. I am no longer number one in my life. Which is fine for me as I knew this before having kids.
What I didn't know was all the things I once never gave a thought to would become such a form of excitement or consument(it's a word right?) in my day and life.

Such as
~ A warm day with a slight breeze. If you are a mum you know what I am about to say. Yes, washing!! Perfect washing weather!!!

~ Going shopping with the intention of getting myself something I need, yet coming home with items for the children. Once upon a time I cared about fashion. I liked dressing nice and having gorgeous shoes to match. It is not much different now, except it is kids clothes and shoes.
I am different in a small way in that the clothes at the stores and shopping centres do not appeal to me. I love hand made, gorgeous clothes. Like here, here and here. (Yes, 2 links to Etsy. Those in the know are cursing me for the enabling, he he) and just for some more enabling are these gorgeous retro clothes!

~ Looking at labels when going grocery shopping. This is the part that is time consuming. There is so many hidden chemicals, colours and preservatives in food nowadays and it can be quite confusing.
It concerns me greatly what our children could be consuming without us knowing or realising.

This site helps you understand additives better and gives information about the Kids First Campaign. I found this site when searching for the book.
Another site I find helpful is Fed up with food additives. It has a wealth of knowledge and includes recipes.

~60 Minutes
*sigh* I know, what the? It's true, I watch 60 minutes. When I was little my parents would watch it every week. I hated it. It was so boring. I didn't care about what was happening in the world. I just wanted a Cabbage Patch Doll, a Barbie car and to stay up late, and maybe not go to school.
Now every week Hubby and I watch 60 minutes. We laugh at how old we are getting.

~ Groceries on special. I still seemed to get excited when I see the blue tag on the shelf in front of an item I buy. Especially washing powder. (The excitement doubles if the powder is on special AND it's a sunny day!)

Yes, nappies, cloth nappies to be precise. With our first child I bought 2 dozen old style nappies, flats. A few pilchers from the supermarket and plastic pants. I know, I am hanging my head in shame at the thought. It gets worse, I also had a bucket and soaked them every day. I thought I was quite modern with my snappy thingies though.
It was a disaster, he would leak every nappy change. The poo-plosions were shocking! He is still my number one baby pooper. No baby has matched him yet!

So we switched to disposables. They worked great. So when baby number two came along we started with sposies and didn't look back.
A few months after our 3rd was born I noticed in another mothers signature online her baby girl in a cloth nappy. It was bright purple, trim and looked gorgeous. I asked her about it and so began my introduction to MCN or Modern Cloth Nappies. AIO's, Fitteds, Fleece, Sherpa, Bamboo, Hemp, Covers, Pocket.... It was so confusing to start. I remember looking at many sites over a whole weekend. Searching for answers and wanting to know more. For your convenience here is a glossary that will help if you are not aware or don't know much about MCN.

Back then there were maybe a dozen online stores that made and sold Cloth Nappies. All by mums who loved MCN and wanted to make and sell their style of nappies, covers and accessories.
I bought a couple at a time over about a year, and ended up with a great 'stash' Several I still have and are going strong.

We have saved a lot of money using cloth, and water too. Many people who ask me about them don't realise or know that cloth nappies actually use less water to wash, than the water used in the manufacturing process of a disposable nappy. And no soaking bucket either! It is not needed at all, in fact it wears out the material quicker if you soak.

I won't go on, I am sure those who are not interested are either skimming through quickly or their eyes are glazed over.

Just need to say one more thing though, it is very easy to become obsessed. So many colours, prints, materials, styles!

~ Having a shower on my own (even more so a bath!)

~ Going to the toilet and not being interrupted by children who insist on knowing what I am doing (? What is it with that?)

~ Sitting down to a meal alone with Hubby and eating the WHOLE dish!! Not to mention that we would have a conversation, and adult conversation about adult stuff! (However we always end up spending half the time talking about the kids. How they have grown, funny things they say or do)

~ Quiet. The sound of the ocean. Winds rustling through the trees. Birds chirping to eachother.
Go anywhere with my children and these cannot be heard by even those with the highest acuteness of hearing.
When I spend a few hours or a day with just the baby it never ceases to amaze me how loud our house is when I get back. Everyone talking at once, jumping up and down, getting louder and louder so as to try and speak over the others.

Most of all I never knew I could be so excited about my children. Of course sometimes they drive me nuts and I feel one step away from a home, but the majority of the time they really are awesome. I am excited to watch them grow and learn. Excited to watch them play together (and plot together to get chocolates from what I thought was a hidden spot).
I feel so lucky to have them in my life.

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Coke? What?

I can't hear you, sorry.....

I caved! I know, I know. It is damn hard giving up your ONE and only vice! Well, there is the odd chocolate or ten, but let's not get lost in minor details.

I also need to start walking again, as I have left the
get rid of baby weight' regime a bit late this time.
By this time with my 4th child I was very close to being at my normal weight. My motivation was being in a wedding. This time I have no motivation, and damn it I just can't be bothered.

I have started at least a dozen times in the past few months. You know the usual, no junk food, no soft drink, eat healthy, move that back fat. Yes, back fat. Or lower back fat to be precise. Dare I go on? ok, you twisted my arm. That bit of fat above your bum that shouldn't move, but does, even after you have stopped. That bit of 'something' that when you are jogging feels like someone is hitting you. That someone being, well, you.

Come on, don't leave me hanging, please tell me I am not alone.
I am going out with the munchkins on Friday, so can I say I will start on Saturday.
I need accountability. Help me! Hubby is no help as he is just as bad as me. We both find motivation at different times. I can be all geared up and feeling good after a few days and then he will say "I could really go some chocolate right now" and then I cave in. And vice versa with him being pumped and ready to eat well, etc

Hints, tips, encouragement are all welcomed.

Monday, 10 November 2008

Things I never thought I would say, before having children..

1. No riding bikes in the house
2. Please don't try and put that in your nose/ear/eye, you get the picture
3. For the love of God stop pretending to stab your sibling with the scissors.
4. Why do you have scissors tucked into your belt?
5. Not everyone is as keen as seeing you adjust your penis as you are of doing it.
6. No the baby is not crying because she doesn't have a penis.
7. While it seemed like a good idea at the time pushing the trampoline over to the deck so you could jump from really high, you can see now why they need to be far apart.
8. I'm really not in the mood to go the hospital today, please try to be careful
9. Yes, it really would be cool if you were a Jedi.
10. Indiana Jones is a character in a film, he is a fictional character who can't come visit you.
11. Cleaning really can be fun
12. All Star Wars questions must now be forwarded to Daddy, as I didn't even know there was a character called Bobo
13. I know it was you who wrote your brothers name on the bathroom wall. He can't read yet, let alone write.
14. Who put the toilet roll in the toilet?
15. Don't use tape to make your brother look like a Mummy. (Therein follows screams as tape is pulled off said brothers skin)
16. Please don't tell me that's poo
17. Oh god it's poo
18. Pancakes are a suitable dinner
19. I really don't know if Santa, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy hang out together.
20. No it's not carrots, they are just orange potatoes. It tastes yum!

One more that I never thought I would say SO much...

21. Are you freaking kidding me!!! (Of course said in that voice, you know the one)

Sunday, 9 November 2008

A poor child's cubby house...

An in my opinion the best kind.

Here we have the 3 middle children in the cubby. My daughter is at the bar. This is what they called it. My first thought was how the hell do they know about bars, considering I don't drink and if hubby does it is when he goes out with his mates on the odd occasion. They told me it was from Star Wars. Phew, sigh of relief, well that's ok then. Just keep the light sabers on your belts though.

Even the baby got in on the action. I love this age. She is able to move around and be part of the games and play with her siblings which she loves.

Funny hat wearing is mandatory for under table cubby houses.
Don't be jealous of my floor. It is the longest project we have done in the house. A year to pull up the old, gorgeous 70's cork. Now the wait is on for the new floor. I have visions of us coming back after the new owners have moved in. "Hi, just us again, here to lay the floor"
My husband is reading this and no doubt pulling a face. Yes dear I know how hard it was to rip up the old floor. But come on, we need to move on. We have more drug induced colour combinations from the 70's to sand, paint or throw away.

Thursday, 6 November 2008

I feel Old

Why? Because we took the kids to the museum the other day and saw this....

I remember when this computer first came out. How fast it was! How small it was!! The new features were amazing! Hubby and I both had one.

Now it is Museum worthy. *sigh* Book us in the retirement home now.

Makes 24 pattie cakes...

Except when you are baking with children, in which case you are lucky if you get 18 patty cakes.
Why you ask??

Because the following is sure to happen to even the most attentive of parents.

~ Mixture is splattered outside the bowl when mixing.

~ Bowl is grabbed by several hands who all want a turn at mixing, batter again outside the bowl

~ 2 year old who has no understanding of sharing, waiting his turn, and who has not yet developed very well his fine motor skills, insists with screaming very loud he can spoon the batter in the patty tins. Again most of mixture drips on bench between mixing bowl and tins.

~ Said 2 year old thinks it is normal practise to eat mixture after every attempt at pouring it in the patty tin. One for me, one for the patty, one for me, one for the patty... why didn't I stop him? Because it was too friggin cute!

~ Children all sneak a spoonful of the mixture when you try and sneak off to grab sheets off the line thinking they didn't notice you gone.

~ You sneak some mixture when the children are occupied by their favourite TV program.

Here we have many little cooks wanting to help. Even the baby is trying to help by grabbing all the patty pans and eat them. My 2 year old is mixing. You have no idea how painful it is for me to let the children help, especially with cooking. I have to keep reminding myself they need to learn, so one day I don't have to cook anymore.

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

I need my fix..

I have a head ache. Apart from me feeling stresses about whether it should be one word or two, my head hurts, and I know it's from the lack of caffeine in my body. More specifically, Coke. Mmm, Coke, full of horrible things that are clearly not good for me, yet I am pulled back to it.

I am trying to give it up. Trying. This is very hard for me. I do not smoke, do not take drugs, well, on occasion I have been known to pop a disprin, I also don't drink. Which is probably shocking to some of you. I used to have a drink or two when out in my younger days. Listen to me would you, younger days, like I am over 80 or something. It's not that I don't like alcoholic drinks either. Some are quite nice. I'm just not into them. I'd prefer a great night out with a Coke.

My friends, and in particular husband have always loved this quality about me. For selfish reasons of course. I have always been the designated driver. I guess it's a win win situation. They get to drink, and I feel safe knowing who is behind the wheel.

So back to Coke. And my headache/head ache(depending on what country you are in) which is not letting up. With so little vices in my life, it is hard to let this one go.
I can't promise to never have it again, as that's just not fair on me. I will cut it out though. So far so good, but then it's only been 2 days.

I'll keep you posted about my progress.

Friday, 31 October 2008

Happy Halloween

Hubby's work put on a Halloween family afternoon/evening each year. This year the kids had a ball as usual.

Here is the youngest Ship Mate, complete with scar on the cheek.

The 2 year old who kept accidentally popping balloon animals, so went back, several times, for another. Thankfully 'Pirate Pete' who was making them thought he was as cute as we think he is and didn't mind.
Pirate Pete and Matilda the Witch were quite funny and the kids were very entertained.

Monday, 27 October 2008

9 months and countless memories already

It is times like this.......that help is get through those sleepless nights, teething and all day meltdowns. Meltdowns like the one that has been going for nearly 2 days now. It's not constant, thankfully, you do allow us time to catch a breath before starting again.
I try to remember the happy, smiling baby when we have days and nights like this....

That is NOT happiness to see me. You seemed to screech even louder as you noticed the camera. I am not in the mood for a photo.

I remember having times like this with your eldest brother and thought they would never end. He would go on like this forever. 4 babies later and I know better. It still drives me bonkers, but I know it will pass. Teething has upset you greatly this past 2 months and at times nothing would help. All I could do was hold you and let you know I was here for you.

You have 4 teeth. 4 still very sharp teeth. Sometimes one of your siblings comes screeching past as you are feeding, and of course, you who cannot miss out on something going on for a second will quickly pull away. Thankfully it is very rare and only when a new tooth has come through. People often ask about breastfeeding and if I can feel the tooth once they are there. I tell them about feeling the tooth only if bubs pulls off quickly and when the tooth is first through, but after that its feeding as usual.

You adore your older siblings, unless they are taking a toy from you. OK, so it's normally just the two year old who does, and he is still learning about sharing.
They come running into our room when they hear you awake in the morning or if you have a nap. The novelty has not worn off, and I can't see it happening ever. Your 2nd oldest brother is gaining more confidence to hold you and carry you if the need arises. It makes me smile, especially if other people see and they start to panic. I have every faith and trust in your baby carrying abilities.

I have moments were I am so overwhelmed with how full my heart feels, bursting with joy and happiness as you smile and laugh with your siblings, or just those rare moments when they are all in bed and it's just you and me. Snuggling in bed just before you doze off to sleep.

Granted there is the odd occasion when you are screeching as you try to get to sleep, like last night, which your father just loves about you!! but for most of the time we fall asleep tired, but happy.

You only have to give the smallest squeal and you have your posse at your side in a flash asking if you are ok, bringing you a toy or ready to pick up and take you for a walk. This is both very cute to see, and also helpful for me, if I am in the middle of washing, dishes, cleaning, ok, let's be serious, looking at something on the Internet.

Here is a rare moment of you smiling in the car. You really don't like it, unless you are asleep, which makes the trips so much quieter. Your car seat faces the back, which does help a bit as your siblings can look at you and sing and make faces. Which entertains you for 5 minutes.
Before we know it you will be sitting amongst said siblings, going back and forth between having a great time and playing games, to bickering about who is looking out the others window, or who is too close or nearly touching them. *sigh*
(Back now a day later)

At he moment you are not happy about getting teeth Numbers 5 and 6. I am sorry I did not even think to check your mouth for more teeth with you had been unhappy all day. Despite being through it all 4 times, I am still learning that I don't know it all, and your are more than happy to show me. You are the first baby to get teeth 5 and 6 so soon after the first 4. The other babies had several months in between. You my darling seem to be in a hurry and they are all coming our straight after each other. Which is painful for us both.

I am torn between wanting you to slow down but also excited to watch you grow and become more mobile and verbal.
You can stand against the couch and think it is quite funny. I want to push you back down and tell you to relax, no need to grow so fast, there is plenty of time. After all, I just had you yes?

You are crying again, so I will leave it there and go have lie down booby snuggles, which we both love.

Again a day later now. I have just noticed, well Daddy noticed, you have teeth 7 and 8 coming through the bottom row. Oh dear, poor bubba. For us both I hope this passes quickly!

Friday, 24 October 2008

A Heinz 57 of a Post

Google it, I can't be bothered explaining it.

I am in a very up and down mood lately. Living in this house is driving me crazy. No the five children have nothing to do with it. Well, maybe a little.
I was hoping we would have not only sold this house but have moved out by this time of year. It is sucking the happiness out of me and I want it stopped.
My loathing for it is affecting my desire to clean it. I don't care about the house and therefore don't care to sweep, tidy or finish the myriad of teeny jobs left that when put together accumulate to a massive amount.

I am over it, I want to low it up. Which I can't do now as I have just blogged about it and what if the insurance company see this. I think too much.
But still, it would solve a lot of problems, and we wouldn't be out by that much as the difference between selling the land on it's own, compared to the house and land is actually not that much. That should tell you how classy the house is.

No really, I'll be fine, don't worry about me. This time tomorrow I will be splattered in paint as my happy pills kick in and I am back to being enthusiastic about getting the jobs done and selling.

I interrupt this cliff hanger of a post to add an email hubby just sent me.

A blog update once in a while would be nice dear

The cheek of the man! I told him had he waited 5 minutes there would be one. Not that he will be overly thrilled to read me harping on about the house, again!
Why yes, I am blogging about the house that sucked all life out of me and spat me out holding a paint brush in one hand and a blow torch in the other.

OK, well since you stopped by I should talk about some happy things going on, don't want to be the cause of anyone else feeling down.
Last weekend we spent the afternoon with several other families. Awesome families who accept our crazy family with love and open arms. Truthfully we have come across some families in our times that are of the children are seen and not heard school, and some make we wonder why they have children if they se them as annoyances. ut that is a whole nother post!

One of the babies there is very special to my baby. She was born 2 weeks after our babe in her loungeroom, in the same birth pool that our baby girl was. She also had the same doula that we had. The universe certainly made sure our paths crossed!
Two gorgeous freebirthed babes and their doula.

I love this photo. To me she is saying you will NOT be taking this stick from my clutches! Don't even think about it!

'Hmmm, that looks yummy, I want one too'

Look out my friend I have places to go and I am in a hurry!!

Here we have the two babes looking at my 6 year old. I wonder what they are thinking? Maybe 'Help me, she likes my pants and wants them!'
I love watching these babes together and how they interact. Sometimes they give each other a look. A look that only they seem to understand. Maybe they are talking about us parents and laughing at how crazy we are, or giving each other notes on how to cope with teething.
I look forward to watching them grow up, but not too quickly! Its flying by too soon as it is.

What else is happening in the world. Hmm, well Star Wars seems to still be playing a large part in our household. Let it go already dear children. Sadly, I think it is here to say. Hubby id have a Star Wars hiatus for awhile there between him growing up and marrying me. However now that our children are getting into Star Wars he is loving it and drives me batty along with the kids.
The other day we had left basketball and I had 20 minutes to get to the dry cleaners. I told the children I hoped me made it.
My eldest son said "How about, all the world is normal, but I am the only one who has the force. Then I could lift the car and make us go through the sky straight to the dry cleaners and we'd be there in seconds' Of course the other son was just as enthralled with this concept as he let out a sigh and said 'That would be awesome'
And for a fleeting moment I agreed.

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

So, where have you been?

I know, it's been a few days, a week? 3 Weeks?! Wow, time flies when your computer is dying! This laptop is old, buttons are missing, it is sticky and the screen is covered in goodness knows what. Yes, children. Why anyone wants nice new things, and for them to stay nice and new, when they have children makes me laugh so hard I may wet my pants.

I also laugh when I see parents stressing over their child staying clean, not getting into anything, and heaven forbid trapsing dirt in the house!
If you like things clean, spotless, neat and to stay where it is put, think very long and hard before having children. Also, if the thought of touching wee or poo every day for the next few years wakes you dry vomit, definitely do not have children.

It would help our world if people told the truth about raising children. I am talking about divulging the not so great parts of 24/7 with a little treasure, not just all the cutsie stuff like the first word, first step, those cute sounds they make as they smile and laugh at you.
I am talking about the poo, wee, pinching, kicking, biting, poo, wee, falling over, crying, tantrums, melt downs, breaking things, hiding things like the remote and your keys, drawing on anything and everything, running up and down the hallway with your lipstick or mascara of course this last one is done after they have drawn all over themselves with lipstick or mascara. Mud, dirt and sand through the house, tipping over or squirting out all the powder, washing liquid, sugar, flour, pretty much everything in the pantry that you thought was safe until your child found a way to get it by dragging a chair across to open it, or in the case of more than one child, using team work to get into things together.

I am not saying all these 'happenings' are bad, or to focus on them. I want parents and parents to be to understand they are all a normal part of raising children. Some things can melt your heart, others make you want to gauge your eyes out with a melon baller. Try to relax and not stress too much about it when things don't go so great. Your child or children are learning. The world is new to them and they are curious.

So, for now, please excuse me while I wipe all the toothpaste off the bathroom walls, tiles and mirror.

Friday, 26 September 2008

It's all worth it

Texta, crayon, pencil and pen on every door, wall, floor and surface in the house, whole bottles of milk tipped down the drain, food mushed into, well everything, 'self hair cuts' or those given by siblings, wee on everything, poo finger painting (if you think ewwwwww you are clearly not a parent, remember this post when it happens) toy after toy after toy left on the floor for you to step on, slip on and curse over, the 'Why' phase, drinks spilled on the carpet before you realise floorboards are better, 4 thousand changes of clothes in one day, vomit down your back 10 minutes before you walk out the door, and the many, many more parenting moments.

Your 2 year old calling out Mummy as he runs to you and gives you a big hug and says "Huuuuuug" your heart melts and yes, it's all worth it.

Monday, 22 September 2008

What I have learnt this past weekend....

You can lead a man to water, but you can't make him paint. Hi Honey! We are making snail pace progress on the painting. We can only really do it late at night when all the kids are in bed. After a long day at work for hubby, and a long day at home with the kids, neither of us want to paint. But it must be done!

I will say it again, and hopefully this is the last time... "The painting will be done by THIS weekend" Fingers crossed.

Pictures of houses on the net may appear larger, smaller, nicer or worse than they seem! We looked at a few houses, well ok, about 10 houses on the weekend and some of them looked very different to the photos. One house that seemed ok on the net was awful in real life. The photographer had obviously taken the photo from far away, giving the illusion the front area was larger than it was. This trick also aided in the viewer not being able to see the house as clearly.

Paint peeling off the boards, holes in the side, yuck.

Another house that did not seem that appealing in the photo was actually quite nice.

So, when house hunting, take the pics with a grain of salt.

Thanks to sites like you can browse everywhere, and at any time in the comfort of your own home.

Then you can go looking with your list in the car. With 5 children, this is a huge help!

Children are smarter than you think. I say this often, but also need to remind myself a lot. Children are fantastic problem solvers. Team them together and they work together to get what they want.

Locked the back door so they can't go out there in the mud? Easy. One child will sneak out the front while another gets your attention. The others wait patiently at the back door, waiting for number one child, who has climbed over the side fence and gone to the back door to open it with the keys. This way, you won;t hear the clanking of the keys.

Unluckily for them I am quite experience in this area and could see what was going on, all without moving from my seat.

The other trick is the get down low and sneak quietly past mum and then two children will 'try' to open the pantry very quietly, boosting one to reach whatever goodies are on the top shelf. They learnt quickly that a chair makes too much noise getting it in front of the pantry.

Nope, I can hear you, out of the kitchen!!

Cherry tomatoes are different from grape tomatoes.

Foods that are wheat free can still contain gluten, and foods that are gluten free can still contain wheat! I am dairy and wheat free at the moment, to try and pinpoint bubs eczema. Do you realise that almost everything has either wheat, dairy or both in it?!
Again thanks to the Internet it is not as ad as it could be. Supermarkets have a pretty good variety which helps.
It doesn't help the cravings for bread, cakes, and CHOCOLATE though. But, for our children, we will do anything :)

Thursday, 18 September 2008

When Wednesday

When you know you're old...

We are deep cleaning the house to make it easier to paint.
My eldest son just handed me a cassette tape and said "What is this?"
Where to start.

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Conversations at our house today...

8 year old "Smooth move, space-lax! You've destroyed the totality of existence."
6 year old "It will be fine, I'll just leave a note"
(Yes, my children watch The Simpsons.)

8 year old "All I need is some wire, tape and this charger and my device will be complete"
6 year old "Cool!!!"
(MacGyver de javu anyone?)

8 year old "There is just too many jobs for me to do when I am older. Fireman, Scientist, Astronaut, helping Poppy at his shop. *sigh* I'm gunna need a Clone machine, I'll call it The Duplicator"
6 year old "Yes, for dupilacating! I'll need one too."

Monday, 15 September 2008

Breastfeeding Advocacy

Whilst I am a strong supporter and advocate of supporting mothers breastfeeding, I am not pushy or overbearing. Well, I try not to be, but sometimes I can get quite passionate.
I have seen some t'shirts on another gorgeous homebirth bubba recently and needed to know where her equally gorgeous Mamma bought it.

So here it is, advocacy starting young :) When we are out and about as a family we get lots of looks, so we may as well have something for the people to look at and spread the word.

(For Haz)

Spring Saying Number One

Ah Spring, how I rejoice at your presence! The days getting warmer and longer. Flowers starting to bloom and blossom. Children spending their days outside... then back inside, then outside, then inside.

"Shut the damn door!!!!!!!!!"

And if you do remember to shut it once amongst the fifty times in and out don't slam it!

Thursday, 11 September 2008

Breastfeeding longer

Over at Blogher I read this post last night.

I liked this paragraph in particular, from the Eureka Alert

Longer duration of breastfeeding was also associated with better infant
development, especially at 18 months. Breastmilk also contains omega-3 fatty
acids. The benefit of fish consumption was similar among infants breastfed
for shorter or longer durations.

I am both excited and frustrated to see this latest news. Excited as breastfeeding and its infinite qualities are being confirmed and talked about all over the world.

Frustrated because I don't believe there needs to be ongoing research and studies into the best source of nutrition for our babies and children. Every other mammal in the world is left to feed their young as nature intended. No one questions that each mammal produces a specific milk for its young that is perfect in every way. Furthermore each mammal can feed from her or his mother until they are ready to wean.

Why then do humans, have this urge to analyze and pull apart everything about feeding our young? Can't we just come out of the closet already and say yes, human breastmilk is best for babies and children. Each child should have breastmilk for as little or long as they like with the full support of all.

WHO tells us that "Breastmilk is the natural first food for babies, it provides all the energy and nutrients that the infant needs for the first months of life, and it continues to provide up to half or more of a child’s nutritional needs during the second half of the first year, and up to one-third during the second year of life." Also something that is rarely spoken about, to which I think should be shouted at the highest rooftops

Breastfeeding contributes to the health and well-being of mothers, it helps to
space children, reduces the risk of ovarian cancer and breast cancer, increases
family and national resources, is a secure way of feeding and is safe for the

For some reason some people cover their own ignorance and discomfort by telling us we shouldn't push breastfeeding, as those mothers who can't or couldn't will be made to feel guilty. I am yet to meet a mother who felt guilty because she could not feed her baby. Grief yes, but not guilt. Pinky McKay talks about this with better articulation then myself. Her article titled No Guilt is posted here.

Not long ago I spoke with an elderly woman about breastfeeding in 'her day' and was surprised to here her mention that no one ever discriminated against a nursing mother. She told me how no matter where she was if her babies needed a feed, she fed them, and that was that. It was a given that babies could feed whenever and wherever they wanted. In a shop, in the street, on a park bench. It was the norm. There was no law, as there didn't need to be. She also spoke about women's bodies being treated with greater respect back then. Nowadays women's bodies are sexualised at almost every street corner on a poster or billboard.

As wonderful and perfect as breastfeeding is, it is also normal. And frankly if the sight of seeing a baby being nourished by the perfect blend of nutrients bothers you, I urge you to have a good think about why that is so. Maybe something you can ponder with a blanket over your own head :)

Just two mammas feeding their babies :)

Monday, 8 September 2008

Happy Fathers Day!!

Our day started with snuggles and being jumped on!
I cooked, under protest, scrambled eggs on toast for Hubby and us all. We didn't have set plans for the day. Just that we would go for a drive and take the kids to a park for a play.
We ended up driving further and further. Until reaching a lovely town we go to every now and then that has an awsome lolly shop. Mmmmmmm

A pit stop on the way and a bubba in need of a feed! No, we didn't drive off like this :)

Behind the park is a huge pond and oval right near bush and a walking track with a stream running alongside. So we walked a little way along the track. Most frequently used saying as we were walking "Stop throwing things in the water" of course!
One of the two ways to cross over the stream. I went this way.
The other way to cross the stream. Now you see why I didn't go this way! With bubs on my back wriggling and kicking, I would definitely have fallen in!

Aww, bubba sounds asleep on Mumma's back. Snug, cosy and very comfy :)

After our mini nature walk we went into the bakery for a snack of sausage rolls, before heading over to the Lolly shop!!!
No, the kids didn't go inside, they stayed in the car while Daddy went in, he he We have been to this Lolly shop a dozen times I'd say, and they are yet to go inside. This may sound cruel, but we do it for the safety of the store and our own sanity.

Despite buying the children the EXACT same lolly bag, there was still tears and tantrums in the car on the way home. Children seem to have a knack for finding differences in things that appear identical!

Also on the way home we tried to remember if we did this same trip last Fathers Day. After much discussion and reminiscing, yes, we did.
A tradition is born. See you there next year!

A few pictures...

Here is our 2 year old 'helping' push the baby in the swing. He is wearing gumboots, only gumboots. Clothes are optional here!

Another one of our 2 year old in the fridge. This time he is at least wearing a t-shirt! Busted munching on a block of cheese and very happy about it too!

Feel safe knowing spider baby is out there! This pic courtesy of our 8 year old.

The gardens are sooo very close to being finished, it is very exciting. I never thought I would be so excited over a garden, but there you have it. About 6 more plants/shrubs to be planted and we are done!

The painting, hmm, don't go there! Hubby and I just can't seem to get motivated enough for it. I am hoping we can get the painting bug back again this weekend. After that we have the floor and that is it!!!

I am sending 'buy my house' vibes out already!

Saturday, 30 August 2008

Part Two of our long drive home...

Part One

So when I last left our tale we were all in the car and ready to head off home! It was around 9:30am when we left.

We decided to take the 'scenic' route home which is about an hour longer then the HWY route. But we had plenty of time and thought it would be nice. Famous last words!

We drove for about an hour before our first stop to get some bottles of water. Hubby bought ones that had different coloured lids *sigh* you know what that means. Fights over who gets what colour. Soon after the rain came down quite heavy. Yes, the rain is great and we need the water, but it also meant we would not be able to get everyone out the car to see the 'scenery' lol

Not to worry we'd just slow down and try an look out the window!

Driving for about another hour and a bit and bubs wakes for a feed. Hubby pulls over on the side were there is gravel and some grass. He rolls back to be further away from the road. Bubs has a stop/start feed for about half an hour. Stop/start feeds usually happen around 5-6 months when bubs start to get interested in their surroundings during a feed. Most times it goes like this, from the babies viewpoint...

Suck Suck, mm I love breast milk, suck suck, mmmm Oooh what was that over there? (bubs drops off) I thought I heard something (back on feeding again) suck suck mmmm I might just pinch mummy to see her do that squeal thing she does he he (bubs drops off) ooh hello daddy, giggle, daddy is so funny (back on) suck suck (drops off) daddy still there, hello smile at me, giggle ha ha (back on) mmm suck suck mmmmm (drops off) did I miss something then?

You get the picture. We check the time and realise we should get back on the road. I put bubs back in her seat and just as I open my door to hop back in down comes a shower of hail.

Hubby starts the engine, in gear and off..... hmmm and off.........hmmmm shit.

'Don't tell me.." "yup" "Are you frigging kidding me??" "We're stuck" "Fuck" (last part said with gust, but quietly ;) )

Hubby tries every manoeuvre he can to get us out. However we are in a front wheel drive people mover with 7 people in it and luggage. We are not moving anywhere. Oooh is that rain again?

Hubby decides he should get it and I drive so maybe he can push as I drive and get us out.

We do this for too long. Wheels spinning car revving, the kids starting to drive me batty with their "Ar we going to be stuck here all night?" "Will we have to sleep in the car?" "Should we call roadside assistance?"

During this process quite a number of cars go by. Hmph. Hubby, who used to have a 4WD and go 4WDing pulls out all his tricks, but none work. Again people mover and not to mention the rain.

Then a man pulls over in a little white car and offers to help hubby push. He shall hence forth be known as Man A.

Hubby and Man A try to a while with me moving the wheels in different directions, rolling back a bit first then revving the engine.

Still nothing. Hubby jokes we need a FWD with a winch. We decide to try a couple more times. As we do I am looking at the cars turning the bend ahead of us. A Troopie!!! (Big ass 4WD) I try not to be too obvious looking as it drives past..... brake lights, slowing down, YAY!!!!!! He (Man B) stops, does a u-turn and pulls up in front of our car. 4WDs all have a tow bar at the back. He jumps out and says "This looks like fun" in his German accent. We are all smiling as Man B grabs a snatch strap from his car. We will NOT be camping here tonight!

He then bends down under our car to try and hook the strap. He can't quite get it. So Man B tries. He has to kneel down to reach under the car. Remember the rain? yup, quite muddy.

He hooks it on. Hubby is in the drivers seat now and I am on the sidelines silently cheering and hoping. Man B starts driving forward very slowly as the slack of the snatch strap tightens. When it is taught he revs a bit more and starts going forward, pulling our car out of the muddy grass and on to the gravel.
When we are out Man B jumps out and I step closer to our car. One of the kids yells "Are we out?" Hubby says yes and then the children all clap and cheer. Man B laughs at the cheering squad and gives a little bow.

Man B and Man A head back to their vehicles after lots of thank you's from us all.
We hop back in the car and off we go.....again.

More children's music, more whinging, sooking, laughing, playing eye spy despite only being able to see trees and the sky and children who need to eat every half hour. Oh what fun the driving can be with a handful of children.

After driving an hour or so we see a car pulled over on the road. Hubby says it's Man A. So we pull over in front of him, making sure to stay on the gravel this time!
Man A has run out of petrol. He thought he would make it to the next town, only 10 minutes away but he didn't.
Hubby tells him we would be more than happy to get him some petrol in a jerry can. How often do you get the chance to help someone who just helped you on the road?! So off we go again heading towards the next town.
Hubby gets a jerry can and fills it up. Then off we go heading back to Man A. We pull over, again, me reminding Hubby to make sure we are in the gravel, which he appreciates greatly with a wry smile. Hand over the petrol, laugh about the situation and on the road we go!!

Are you still with me?
Everyone is hungry so we stop at the next town so everyone can go to the toilet and we can eat and get some more bottles to drink.
Off we go, and this time we want to try and keep going all the way to what was meant to be our only stop at a friends place to pick up a little table and chairs for the kids.

We drive for about 45 minutes until we hear the kids start sooking about something. I turn around to see the 2 year old vomiting in his lap. Actually, in his lap would have been great, he spread his legs so it all went on his car seat. Greeeeeat!
So we try to find a spot to pull over, but it's all grass along the road. Finally a dirt road comes up so we turn down.
The next 20 minutes Hubby and I play team clean up on the car and 2 year old, in the rain.
With fresh clothes and everything cleaned up we pull onto the road again.

We manage to then drive all the way to my friends house, not without missing the turn off from the Highway first though. We get the table and chairs in the car and head off home.
We realise the time and figure we will have to stop at the supermarket first to get the few things we will need for the little party for our daughters birthday.

Do you remember what time we left? 9:30 and the length of time the trip should take if only stopping for half an hour? 5 and a half hours.
We pull in at the supermarket near our house at 5pm!!
Hubby runs in and grabs a few things, including birthday ice cream cake!
As soon as we get home it is a mad rush to get everything cleaned up (AKA shove it all in the main bedroom, lol) bubs has some booby and a nappy change and we collapse in the loungeroom. Guests to arrive within an hour, enough time for Hubby to doze off and the kids to run around like wild banshees, getting the energy out of their system!

We got to bed that night around midnight exhausted. It was a great weekend though. Full of fun, excitement, adventure and lots of laughs. Hubby and I figure we may as well see the fun side of life when it takes on a life of its own like that, it certainly makes things interesting.
Yes, we are planning another trip to the same place this summer, and looking forward to it!!

Thursday, 28 August 2008

A day in photos

Cause all the cool kids are doing it! *ahem* Hazz ;)

Daddy thought it was funny to blow air on my face and make me squint. I still look gorgeous.

Spring is on the way. Celebrating by making 'Daisy' Chains with Dandelions

One for the bubba too!

I may be jinxing it by saying it out loud but I feel Spring is here! Such lovely days we have been having. I hope it continues.

Wednesday, 27 August 2008

7 months

My baby girl is 7 months old today. Yes, time for a cliche, time is flying by at rapid speed!
Oh my dear wee bubba girl. I find you challenging, but in a relaxed way. Your eldest brother was very much like you, but back then I did not have as much patience or understanding.

He cried a lot, fed a lot and tired me out a lot! Here you are with him, listening to some tunes.
Your second, third and fourth siblings were quite chilled little beings. Happy to sit and watch me cook, hang out washing, or sit with me as I typed on the computer.

Not you.

While there are times when you don't mind sitting in the rocker for a few minutes or being entertained by others, you want your mamma, and ALL the time dammit! Being baby number 5 I have lots more patience and understanding for your needs. I know that time will fly by and how you are now will too soon be forgotten or a distant memory, so I try to cherish your ways.

You love to be held, facing me, so you can stand on the top of my thighs and bop up and down, doing your little leg exercises, as you throw your body around, reach out the side, try to fall back and arch your back. This both drives me crazy and makes me laugh. What trust you have in me as you move about, knowing I will keep holding you not matter how hard and painful it is on my arms.

Your eldest brother loves to hold you still. Although you are getting heavier and this is proving to be harder on his gangly arms. He is still the only one, after me, to hear you when you wake up and he will go running to my room to great you with "Oh hello my girl, did you have a nice sleep?"

7 months later and the novelty has not worn off!

You smile and laugh a lot. I love it. Your 2 bottom teeth standing out as you smile.

At dinner time you will sit in the rocker on the table and smile at us. Now that you are more mobile you move around and try to grab at everything within reach, and this you remind us off every night as you try to swat and grab the plates.

I am not sure if I can say you are still exclusively breastfed as you have had a munch on paper, cardboard and a suck on bread your sister shared with you that was quickly intervened by eldest brother.

You are going through a growth spurt at the moment and have been waking in the night time for a feed, several times. I am not complaining as you sleep through almost every night. But I am hoping we can go back to sleeping through again real soon, when you are ready, m'kay?

It really does feel like only few days or a week ago we met face to face in the birth pool in our loungeroom. Born gently surrounded your family.
What do we 'do' when homeschooling? Make funny hats of course!!

Thank you for choosing our little family. Yes I will say it to you, as I have with each baby, I find it hard to remember the time before you were born, it's as though you have always been here.

Happy 7 months my sweet, energetic, constantly moving baby, who for now is happiest in mamma's arms.

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Conversations today...

Mummy "Who else wants a sandwich?"
Eldest Son " Oooh me, me!"
Mummy "OK" makes sandwich, hands to son who then says
"You can eat now too"
Well, thank you! Glad to be of service to you all first!

Eldest Son "How about we keep this house for kids to play in and we buy another house for us to play in"
Mummy "Sure, go grab the money off the tree in the backyard for me"

Me in the kitchen, kids in the loungeroom
Son "What's that noise?"
Me "Nothing"
Son "What are you eating?"
Me "Nothing"
Son walking closer to me "You are eating" snif, snif "It's chocolate!, Can I have some?"
Me "I have nothing!"
All kids "Can we have chocolate?"
Me "It's all gone, he he"
(Yes I am a big meanie for not sharing. So little pleasures are just for me, I'll grab anything when I can)

Part one of our weekend away is here, scroll down :)

Monday, 18 August 2008

Co sleeping siblings

When hubby and I came home from the hospital (I just got a shiver saying that, lol) with our first babe we had a cot next to the bed in our little room.
He fed for an hour, every 3 hours for the first few weeks. This meant I would get about an hour and a half sleep every 3 hours. The hospital, the Maternal nurse, family and friends all gave us their bits of advice with sleeping. Bubs need to be in the cot swaddled and patted off to sleep if they are 'unsettled' This was a nightmare. Bubs would get upset, I was sleep deprived and upset and of course hubby would come home and be upset as we were upset!

I kept doing it as 'that's what you are supposed to do' we struggled through until he started to sleep through every night, for about 6-7 hours at around 2 months.

Before our next babe was born we had already decided I would do what my heart wanted to do and felt was right by me and our new babe.

I would fed him in our bed and most times we would fall asleep together. We still had the cot and I would put him in there for naps and sometimes overnight too.

Fast forward 3 more children and we are getting more sleep and our family is much happier!

I feel sad that no one mentioned having our first babe in bed with us, and also sad that I didn't listen to my heart and just do what I and our babe clearly (now in hindsight) wanted and needed.

While other people can be great with helping and offering advice, as parents we need to be strong and do what is best for our baby and ourselves. We are the ones caring for our babe 24/7, we are the ones up at all hours, feeding, holding close, changing and the myriad of other things we try to do in the day and night.

Babies have been inside our bodies for 9 loud months. When they are born they still need to be close to us, to our chest, warm and safe, with breast milk ready whenever they need.

Co sleeping in our family changes every night. It might be hubby, myself and bub, or our 2 year old snuggled with Daddy as well, and on the odd occasion I will wake in the morning to find our 4 year old sleeping cross ways at the bottom of the bed :)

Here are a few pics of our happy, co sleeping family.

In this I was next to bubby, and Dadda was next to our blondie 2 year old. We end up like this most nights, I love it.

Not sure what hubby will say about he last pic, but, meh, it is a beautiful picture and it's going in! I love his hand on our week old bubby. Even Dadda's and partners are in tune with babies and children when co sleeping.

Thursday, 14 August 2008

The looooong drive home

Part One

Friday night I sat on the computer, knowing I had to pack for our weekend away. A lovely friend of mine was having a blessingway. If it were just Hubby and I the trip would take approx 4 hours. Add in 4 children and a baby who loves her booby feeds and you are adding about an hour or so.

The suitcase was on the table, mocking me as I tried to ignore it. I think it was about 1am when I couldn't put it off any longer so I gathered the clothes and packed them all.
I also wrapped the presents for my daughter who was turning 4 this day.

In the morning we did the tradition of sneaking in the birthday child's room and waking them up. This proved a bit harder with our daughter as she could not be woken up, even with lights on and us tapping her, then pulling the doona off her, then rocking her a little. Finally I said loudly we have presents! Up she jumped with a big smile.

From this moment on everything was about her and her birthday. You have to do everything as the birthday child wishes. For her, this is not different to every other day of the year.

We managed to get away withing 20 minutes of our estimated 'go' time. A record for us.
We stopped 4 or was it 5 times? Toilet, petrol, toilet, booby feed, drinks, toilet etc

Here is the birthday girl with her new headphones. (Note how clean the windows are behind her? I remember being told off for doing that when I was younger, and couldn't understand, lol The swirls looked great to me.... back then!)

On the way there were tears, laughter, squealing, jumping around on the seats, whining, and at one point I thought my head truly would explode if I heard "How much longer" one more time. Some people laugh and think those sayings only happen in the movies. No, they happen, every 6 minutes in our car.

Hubby had packed his Ipod in the car and at one point motioned for me to get it from the glovebox. I laughed and said "No way buddy, we are suffering together"

On and on we drove. Listening to CD's of children's songs. Oh yay! What sucks about them is they are all about a minute long at most. So they repeat pretty quickly. At first you don't mind so much, then slowly it starts to get painful, then you turn it off only to have the children yell out to put it back on in a really nice polite way (sarcasm)

The 2 year olds turn of the headphones!

So it goes back on and the cycle continues. I am still, 5 days later singing "I'm going places in my new shoe laces, winning lots of races in my new show laces" out loud.

When we arrived the children did the mandatory running around the cabin, opening cupboards, doors, jumping on the beds. I remember doing the same thing when I was little. Running in the room trying to beat the others to pick the 'good' bed, lol

We brought in the suitcases and bags and headed off to my friends house.

Bubs and I stayed and the other dad's and munchkins went to a very cool park nearby. I was hoping at the least they would not a) get sand all over them, hence in my car and b) get wet

I had a lovely time blessing the way with friends, eating yummy food and talking birth and babies.

A couple of hours later the others came back. Yes, BOTH happened. Sand and water. They did a good job too. My son who was wet did it properly, by falling in the water. I know I was only told half the story and he no doubt was coerced closer to the water by his father.

We said our goodbyes and went back to the cabin and ordered Pizza. And wedges. For me. Mmmmm wedges.

After Pizza we sang Happy Birthday to our now big 4 year old and had very, very sweet ready made cake from the supermarket. With glow in the dark candles!

When cake like that you know the children were not going to bed any time soon! So we watched some TV, and wound down a bit. Finally some of the troops started to get tired, yet the children were still wired, lol

Hubby fell asleep on the fold out, ever-so-comfy (not) sofa with bubs. I left them and got the others in bed, and back in bed, then back in bed again, several times and about an hour later after playing musical beds the older 3 were finally asleep. Leaving the 2 year old and Mummy awake. The stamina he has is amazing! Not wanting to go to sleep, as he may miss something exciting.

Somehow we all managed to sleep soundly for about 5 hours. Then slowly, one by one we were all up, dressed and eating breakfast. We were doing great for time and things were looking great to home in the early afternoon. I was looking forward to a Nana nap in my own bed before cleaning up and unpacking for the second Birthday cake with friends and family.

One, two, three, four, five, all in, let's go!! Hang on, mummy needs to go to the toilet, again. Hey, I've had 5 children, averaging 10 and a half pounds, give me a break!
OK, NOW we are on the road. Home here we come......

Stay Tuned for Part two!