Saturday, 23 October 2010

Their own style

Some of our kids drive me bat shit crazy over clothes. One in particular can change up to ten times a day. I am totally OK with this, SO LONG as the clothes that have been worn for 5 seconds get put away! Washing is my Nemesis. I freaking hate it.

I do love the combinations of outfits the kids come up with though. Our 2 year old has a thing for goggles. She loves them. Once she wore a pair on her head for an entire day. The eye bits on her forehead, not on her eyes all day.
She loves all colours and believes anything goes. The colour wheel she is not privvy too yet.
It certainly makes life more interesting, and fun too.

Should she be swimming and a freak snow storm appears, she is ready.

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apwool said...

naw what a groover!!