Monday, 25 October 2010

Growing Up

I knew the time was coming. I have been watching it with other children for a few years now.
The youngest to start that I knew was 3 years old. That's so young I thought.

I don't know why exactly have issues or a problem with it. But I do dammit. It means another step closer to adulthood, and another step away from being a baby, toddler, little.

What is it? It is my older kids asking if they can be like their friends and call Hub and I "Mum and Dad'

I think the reason I have been hesitant is because I think once they older ones start then the littles will follow soon after, and they are just baybeeees!

I'm not ready!
But they are, and so I will take a deep breath and embrace this next stage.
I know it seems like not much to others, but when you have a child pushing teenage hood faster than you would like, everything seems a big step.

Life, always moving forward. Whether we like it or not.

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Daddyo said...

You have kicked ass as a mummy. I'm sure you'll do equally well as a mum.