Saturday, 9 October 2010

Only happy posts?

There are many different kinds of blogs out there. Cooking, family, travelling, bikes, artists, house building. It goes on forever.

I tend to browse mostly blogs about motherhood and parenting, with a few owner building too.
The ones I like the most are those that include all aspects of life. The good, the bad, the gorgeous and the ugly.
I have read a couple of blogs that only have happy posts. Posting happy photos, happy times, and only these times.
While I appreciate the joy and do love many of the posts, I don't feel the same way about my own blog and snippets of my life I share.

For me the happy times shine because of the bad and harder times. They are heightened in my memory as they stand out amongst the myriad of days we float through.

I want to remember and share the low days so I can look back and see that I learnt from them, did better, and kept moving forward to the next day.
I want to remember that life ebbs and flows, and many days lead my journey here to the life I have now.


apwool said...

well put and agree one heck of a lot LOL :)

Sazz said...

I'm with you two! I like "real" bloggers...though frankly, Clare, you're blog is still way too happy for my liking ;P

shae said...

Agree! I think it's really important for "mummy bloggers" to be real. There are enough unrealistic expectations going around without browsing the blog-o-sphere and seeing only perfection.

katepickle said...

well said!
I like to blog the hard stuff because later on, when I look back, it helps me remember how it all passes, how things get better...

I like to blog the less than perfect stuff because it reminds me that I am human, and not to sweat the small stuff!