Saturday, 16 October 2010

Way back Weekend

First time parents, First baby, First cuddles.


Anonymous said...

and both of you still look exactly the same!

Sazz said...

An alternative post title could have been "Babies Having Babies" :D

RaisingDaisies said...

Aww, sweet!! Our first pics aren't nearly so endearing...I am sooooo swollen from too much fluids during my induction :(

Clare said...

Naw RD, I hear you. I am actually very swollen in this pic, all over. I had no ankles and was so puffy, all thanks to the drugs that say are 'harmless'. Yeah, maybe to the nurse, but not the one getting them that's for sure!

Apwool and Sazz , lmao at both of you!
I do look back now and think wow, how young we were! Pregnant at 20 is positively ancient in some parts though :D

Still laughing at you apwool, bless your cotton socks for thinking we do!

Anonymous said...

shouldn't that be woollen socks? ;p

and you so do still look the same. as you do in that pic of you and daddyo when you were like 15. youse haven't changed at all! well, maybe perhaps a little more mature and wise, but you LOOK the same! :)