Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Home made Pizza

There is nothing quite like anything home made, in your own kitchen.
For a while now we have made home made pizzas.
Hub makes the dough, I am banned.
The few times I have made it, the dough has turned out crap. So it is now officially Hubs job!

Since we began making them we have had take away pizzas maybe 4 times. Every time we do the kids tell us that the homemade ones are best. Which suits us fine as we agree, and like making them ourselves, knowing exactly what is in/on each pizza.

The kids love making their own, and have learnt quickly that your toppings need to be put on sparingly, not heaped on, or the pizza turns out yuck and slushy.

So tonight was home made pizza night!! Yum And while I have cut right back, I will never give up coke completely. I have it once a week on Pizza night. You just can't have a pizza and no coke.

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