Sunday, 20 June 2010

The little things...

That make me laugh.
This sticker is on my sun visor in my car, and it makes me laugh every time I put the visor down.

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Forty before Forty

In no particular order, a list of 40 things I would like to do over the next 9 years.

1. Learn how to follow a knitting pattern and complete a project.

2. Take the kids to Tasmania for a full tour.

3. Take the kids on a Ski trip to New Zealand. We want to stay at a Ski Resort with the works, make it a great holiday. (This will happen closer to age forty and we have already started planning for it)

4. Learn how to follow a crochet pattern and complete beanies for my family.

5. Go on a holiday with Hub, just the two of us for at least 2 weeks. Our last holiday with just us and no babies, and not pregnant, was Feb 1999. Yeah, a fair wait hey.

6. Complete the training to become an IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant)

7. Build our 'forever' house. (Hopefully this can be finished in the next 2 years)

8. Buy a sewing machine. Or should I say, have it bought for me, wink, nudge, ahem.

9. Take our family to see the 'Dish' in Parkes. (If you know me well you have laughed out loud at this)

10. Sew something for each member of our family.

11. Buy a bike and trailer. Like this one.

12. Learn another language. We are on our way with this, choosing Latin.

13. Learn how to spin wool from apwool and the Spinnners!

14. Buy my new DSLR Camera, something I have been aiming for, for a few years now.

15. Take my kids out on a date, one at a time, with just me and the 1 munchkin. They pick what we do, where we go and what we eat. (Shall be interesting I'd say!)(We do this already, but on a smaller scale, not a whole day out)

16. Buy a huge canvas and have myself, Hub and the kids put footprints and hand prints on it in the colours of choice. (This is something hub and I have talked about for years, and I can't wait to do it)

17. Hang canvas above fire place in forever house. Pride of place for us to look at for years to come, especially when the children are off making their own lives. Sob, sob.

18. Ride a horse along the beach. Ugh I know right?! But damn it I want to do it. With Hub, at sunset. Nawwwww

19. Put all our photos that are all over the place in boxes and bags, in to albums. Remember albums, the type you hold in your hands like a book? As more children came, and digital cameras, time was rare, so I left the photos in the 'I'll get to it one day' pile.

20. Paint a painting. I don't know of what yet. Frame it and hang it.

21. Read the following classic novels Pride and Prejudice, Jane Eyre, Treasure Island, 1984, The Catcher in the Rye, Gulliver's Travels, The Great Gatsby and last but not least a book I am adding just so I can say I have read it, Moby Dick.

22. Hold a dinner party at our house, with several friends, having adult conversations, and several courses.

23. Make fruit and veg gardens at the new house.

24. Maintain fruit and veg gardens.(I have to add this, or I will kill said gardens in a matter of days)

25. Make a pie, using our own home grown food, from scratch, including the pastry.

26. Cook a home made meal every night for a whole month. Hoping this is fairly easy, with Hub joining in.

27. Start Horse Riding again. Miss5 is very excited about starting when she turns 6, and I am hoping it is something we can do together.

28. Take the kids on a Paddle Steamer on the Murray River.

29. Spend a whole summer as a family at a holiday house on a gorgeous beach.

30. Renew our vows like a cheesy older couple with children watching thinking their parents are uber cool, not :)

31. Get a tattoo, hub and I have talked about getting something for both of us for nearly 15 years. I'd rather give birth.

32. Run a marathon. Or at least a 5km fun run. (Apwool's idea, which means she gets to do it with me, lucky her!)

33. Buy a Motor bike, just for me, no one else to ride, that includes you hub ;) I loved riding when younger, and miss it.

34. Buy myself an outfit, including shoes and accessories. (I tend to wear my clothes until they are falling apart, so this would be nice)

35. Buy chooks.

36. Buy a dog, and hope it doesn't eat the chooks.

37. Go to a show in the city with Hub. The kinf where you dress up and have intermission and talk to adults.

38. Go to a spa resort with friends for a weekend away. (Oh to lie in a hot bath and not have a million interruptions that all start with eother someone banging down the door or someone saying "Hey Mummy....." )

39. Take up netball again. Another joy I miss.

40. Throw a huge 40th birthday party!

Do I think I will do them all? I really don't know, but hey that's the fun of a list. Putting it out there, and seeing what happens.

I now pass this on to apwool and Shae and Daddyo and Nat who will do their list, and pass it on too. (Mine took 3 weeks to put together, so no rush!)

Thursday, 3 June 2010

Thursday Op Shop

I found these cute cord overalls for $1.50. They are a tad small for miss 2, but thankfully there is another wee person that will grow into them and I am guessing will fit well next winter.