Sunday, 24 October 2010

Slack 'n' Lazy Sunday Post

Yeah I know, what a surprise right. I'm tired and ready for bed. We had a car trip with far too many stops. I am certain we hit double digits. Three of these was for a vomit stop. TMI yep, but hey, details are important.

We have an inspection on Tuesday, so I have put away a huge pile of clothes hub washed and folded. Bless his cotton socks. It would have been at least 7 loads all up. The biggest problem is the 6 year old, as I have mentioned before.
I cleaned every corner of her room, with her there, so I could remind her how much easier it is when the room is at least clear of clothes. She has a huge chest of drawers and wardrobe. Use them!

So tomorrow I have the fun job of putting away the last of the clothes, toys, and general crap and taping the kids to the couch until the inspection is over. Kidding of course! But that doesn't mean the thought didn't cross my mind. Just for a second.

I have so much on right now. Lots of small things, that together take up a lot of my time. Finding a surveyor to get the ball rolling on our house, a raffle I am organising (more on that soon), sorting out the budget for next year(yes I get organised early. Budgeting is VERY important to us and the flow of our family.) and don't get me started on Christmas!!

Til tomorrow!


apwool said...

oh noes! who puked??

don't forget that square too ;)

Clare said...

numbers 1 and 4 puked. Was awful.

Ah the square yes! I am getting on to that today,very excited!

Becca said...

I hope the inspection goes well. I send all our kids to the park on inspection day. I'm glad some are a little bit older and can look after the little ones.