Monday, 4 October 2010

My 8 year old has been watching his older cook up quite a storm lately and is wanting to join in the fun.
It makes me laugh when the 10 year old tries to give instructions to him, like he has been cooking for years. It usually end with me sending him out of the kitchen, telling him to google some more recipes he ca add to his list.

Here is the budding chef cooking up a batch of pancake batter. There is enough there for us to have two each. We have to double most recipes nowadays.


apwool said...

What?? You only double it?? I would have thought you'd be tripling it!! LOL

I love that Mr 10 tells him how to cook, your kids are so gorgeous :)

alecat said...

apwool just said it ... only doubled?
Now I feel guilty when we double it here, and my children do eat them all, too!!

I love hearing about older siblings teaching the younger.

Clare said...

Well the 2 year old doesn't have any, and Hub does not like my panakes, so only need to double :)

Most other recipes that are for a family of 8 we double, but the yummy things like biscuits, slices ect we triple.

I don't want to think what will happen when we have 6 teenagers in the house!