Thursday, 28 May 2009

Pictures in lieu of words

I blinked and he turned 3. Three!! You love it when I whinge about time flying, but it is!

The girl who sleeps anywhere, anytime. Snuggled up with her biggest brother. Nawwww
When you are the youngest of several children, anything can happen when you are not looking.
In this case bubs wanted to be pushed around in the stroller. Her older brother pushed her round the house a few times and realised she had fallen asleep.
He put her near the couch, where her older sister thought it would be a good idea to put a blanket on her to keep her warm, and also some sunnies so the lights were not too bright for her.
Very sweet, and quite funny too.

Close up of Little miss warm and cozy.

And just so you can see how she looks awake!!
(Note the newly laid floor in the background. We are ever so closer to being out of here! Some painting and hanging of curtains to go, woohoo)(And of course someone to buy the house, which always helps)

Friday, 15 May 2009

Bitch, whinge, moan and groan

I am over this pregnancy now, I'd like to get off thank you very much.

I feel craaaap!!


The above was written 3 days ago. Since then the queasiness has slowed right down, thank goodness. I noticed yesterday I had felt better after half the day had flown by. I stopped and thought, something isn't right. I couldn't figure it out. Then I realised, I don't feel crap!
Then last night before tea my tummy felt a tad icky, but then as soon as I ate it was ok again.

I am very nervous to say I have turned the corner. I don't want to jinx myself.

In other news Hub did a superb job on the dining/kitchen/laundry floor. We have a floor again!! He laid the sub-floor all Friday night, Saturday, and night again. Poor thing banged he thumb far too many times.
Then he had the fun job of laying the floor on top. The kids had a ball sliding all over it. The novelty has worn off a little now though, which is good.

Last night he painted two doors in the garage. Once they are done we can hang them, and then one more door to paint and hang.
After that there is painting the kitchen ceiling, which is the most horrible stucko colour, ick.
Theeennnn.....I can hung the last curtain and call up the estate agents.

In my dream world the house is sold in 2 weeks and we move out a month later. Yes, a dream, a lovely dream.
It could happen.

I am very keen to be settled into the next house before bubs chooses his or her birthday.
I told hub I will be looking at each house at the potential places to put the birth pool, while he will be looking at whether there is a garage for his bike.
Constant hot water would be a bonus too. I get very exciting thinking about our last birth, our 3rd homebirth.

The children are also excited. Talking about names and whether bubs will be a girl or a boy. It is the most wonderful surprise, to see for the first time, snuggling your new baby.
The children are also very keen to call people and tell them the news of when baby is born. I figure hub and I have done it 5 times now, this time the children can do it.

I am still quite tired, hence the lack in posting, but hoping I start to get more energy soon and post more.

Friday, 8 May 2009

It's the little things....

So the first bit of news for today..... we are pregnant! and we are all very excited in our house. The children are talking already about when the baby will come, if we are having a boy or a girl.
My 4 year old was extra excited, and said "Is the baby coming tomorrow?" Uh, no darling, quite a few months to go yet. Which, of course is years and years to her.

So far I am feeling very tired, and very queasy all day and all night. I am constantly reminded there is a wee baby growing inside me.

Another lit bit of, well, not news, but it certainly made my heart swell. The other night I went to bed early, as I was feeling quite unwell. Hubs was bathing bubs and my 4 year old was ready for bed and wanted me to read the next chapter of her book. We read every night.
I asked her if it was ok if we saved it for the next night. Before she could answer my oldest Son bounced in and said I'll read it for you!
So of they went. He tucked her in and read to her. It was lovely to hear.