Sunday, 7 November 2010

Thank you

Thank you so much to everyone who has posted my previous post all over the net, twitter, Facebook, blogs etc Hub and I appreciate it so much.

We received an email from the reporter who came to do a story on our son and the camp/conference and the fundraising we are all doing to make it happen. She told us he will be on the front page!! I am so excited. This camp means so much to all the Nevus families and this will be fantastic to spread the word about it, and also for others to know the support is there.

Anyone out there if you can link back to my previous post, (and if you want copy the button of our gorgeous boy on the top left side and put it on your blog) we would be over the moon with appreciation!

Thank you to those who have donated prizes to our raffle, and also money which goes to the camp. You all rock!

Not to get too sappy, but I don't think most people get, and that is understandable, just how difficult, hard and trying life can be for our little guy and us. We are seen by others as having our shit together, working well together ans hub and I as an awesome team who are doing a fantastic job.
While this is partly true we are also human. We struggle with lots of things, have low times, hard time and worry about our children.

This camp/conference is a very big deal for us and all the Nevus families, especially the children who are affected.
We feel so thankful to those who are helping make this happen. I have cried several times since we began our fundraising mission at the generosity and kindness of others.


Anonymous said...

I am so very excited for you being on the front page too!!
I am glad I could help in the very small ways that I did, I wish that the timing was not so crappy so that I could have done more to help you.

I know it doesn't compare at all to your experiences with Mr4, but having people comment on the very small and barely visible birthmarks that my boys were born with, I can only imagine some of the crap that you guys go through. And a Nevus is far more complicated and serious than some pissy little pink thing LOL.

Much love to youse xox

Clare said...

Oh you! The size of the help doesn't matter, you have helped in so many ways, it is awesome!

Even pissy pink things would have you understanding though I reckon. Something your child has that is different to others. Anything really, where a child is different, draws extra attention and the parental protective claws come out :)
Parenting can be damn hard hey.

Sazz said...

Front page is awesome!!! Will you scan it and upload to your blog so we can all see it?

Clare said...

Yup, I shall scan it Sazz :) And collect at least a dozen copies of the newspaper ha!