Saturday, 30 October 2010

My Funny Little Man

This boy, pushes me to the edge with every emotion. My heart bursts with love and pride for him at times. And other times I get so frustrated with his screaming and '4 year old ness' I think I might explode.
He is the most energetic, loud and boisterous of all the children, proving that the birth does not have anything to do with personality. Of all my births, his was the most gentle, quiet, and just really beautiful. (Don't get me wrong, it was still bloody hard work!) He is FULL of life and if his life was a TV ad, it would be Pepsi Max, remember those extreme ads?

He is also sensitive to others, loving, and gentle. Even when he is upset at his 2 year old sister, he will screw up his face and say 'Ohh bubby, no no" It is cute to watch.
He makes me laugh so much, and is very animated. Above are just a few of his many faces. He loves the camera, and insists on seeing every single picture taken of him. And when I turn the camera around for him to see, every single time he will laugh and say "Nawwwwwww"
He is a crack up, and when he is not here the house is extra quiet, but we miss him still.
Yesterday was such a day. Hub took him for his check up with his surgeon. As the surgeon expected our little man will need a few more minor surgeries done. The next one will be around his eye and eyebrow. So he is back on the waiting list again. Which is in some ways disturbingly normal to us now. On the list, wait, go in for surgery, home, back in to surgery, recover, second verse same as the first.
It certainly does not get any easier though. Every time is hard, for all of us, us as parents, him going through it, and his siblings too, seeing their brother go through it and for them to be understanding and considerate, something which can be hard for young children.
But we take a few (many) deep breaths and soldier on. Life doesn't slow down. You have to keep moving forward!
After the surgery visit hub and our little man went to Hubs work for the rest of the day. Apparently the son who can run around all day, scream at the top of his lungs and drive us crazy, was an absolute angel. Several people spoiling him with snacks and lollies, and comments on what a gorgeous child he is.
Hub said he was happy drawing and watching movies on the laptop and really well behaved.
I said then our job is done if the kids are only little asshats at home, and a pleasure out in public.


Anonymous said...

eeeeeeek does that mean I have failed at my job?? ;p

Such a cheeky cutey, so many similarities with my 2006 child as well!

LOVE the pics :)

Daddyo said...

He is my Captan Awesome

Sazz said...

that blog post was such a roller coaster. After all the "aaw" "aaahh" "oooh" "mmm" ings I get to that last line about "asshats" and finsih with a big laugh.

"disturbingly normal" - that must be such a strange place to find yourselves xoxo