Wednesday, 27 August 2008

7 months

My baby girl is 7 months old today. Yes, time for a cliche, time is flying by at rapid speed!
Oh my dear wee bubba girl. I find you challenging, but in a relaxed way. Your eldest brother was very much like you, but back then I did not have as much patience or understanding.

He cried a lot, fed a lot and tired me out a lot! Here you are with him, listening to some tunes.
Your second, third and fourth siblings were quite chilled little beings. Happy to sit and watch me cook, hang out washing, or sit with me as I typed on the computer.

Not you.

While there are times when you don't mind sitting in the rocker for a few minutes or being entertained by others, you want your mamma, and ALL the time dammit! Being baby number 5 I have lots more patience and understanding for your needs. I know that time will fly by and how you are now will too soon be forgotten or a distant memory, so I try to cherish your ways.

You love to be held, facing me, so you can stand on the top of my thighs and bop up and down, doing your little leg exercises, as you throw your body around, reach out the side, try to fall back and arch your back. This both drives me crazy and makes me laugh. What trust you have in me as you move about, knowing I will keep holding you not matter how hard and painful it is on my arms.

Your eldest brother loves to hold you still. Although you are getting heavier and this is proving to be harder on his gangly arms. He is still the only one, after me, to hear you when you wake up and he will go running to my room to great you with "Oh hello my girl, did you have a nice sleep?"

7 months later and the novelty has not worn off!

You smile and laugh a lot. I love it. Your 2 bottom teeth standing out as you smile.

At dinner time you will sit in the rocker on the table and smile at us. Now that you are more mobile you move around and try to grab at everything within reach, and this you remind us off every night as you try to swat and grab the plates.

I am not sure if I can say you are still exclusively breastfed as you have had a munch on paper, cardboard and a suck on bread your sister shared with you that was quickly intervened by eldest brother.

You are going through a growth spurt at the moment and have been waking in the night time for a feed, several times. I am not complaining as you sleep through almost every night. But I am hoping we can go back to sleeping through again real soon, when you are ready, m'kay?

It really does feel like only few days or a week ago we met face to face in the birth pool in our loungeroom. Born gently surrounded your family.
What do we 'do' when homeschooling? Make funny hats of course!!

Thank you for choosing our little family. Yes I will say it to you, as I have with each baby, I find it hard to remember the time before you were born, it's as though you have always been here.

Happy 7 months my sweet, energetic, constantly moving baby, who for now is happiest in mamma's arms.

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Sarah said...

Happy 7 Month Birthday, Freebirthpool Buddy! Your crown is the envy of all!

And thank heavens someone else's baby has started solids with paper! *phew*