Monday, 27 October 2008

9 months and countless memories already

It is times like this.......that help is get through those sleepless nights, teething and all day meltdowns. Meltdowns like the one that has been going for nearly 2 days now. It's not constant, thankfully, you do allow us time to catch a breath before starting again.
I try to remember the happy, smiling baby when we have days and nights like this....

That is NOT happiness to see me. You seemed to screech even louder as you noticed the camera. I am not in the mood for a photo.

I remember having times like this with your eldest brother and thought they would never end. He would go on like this forever. 4 babies later and I know better. It still drives me bonkers, but I know it will pass. Teething has upset you greatly this past 2 months and at times nothing would help. All I could do was hold you and let you know I was here for you.

You have 4 teeth. 4 still very sharp teeth. Sometimes one of your siblings comes screeching past as you are feeding, and of course, you who cannot miss out on something going on for a second will quickly pull away. Thankfully it is very rare and only when a new tooth has come through. People often ask about breastfeeding and if I can feel the tooth once they are there. I tell them about feeling the tooth only if bubs pulls off quickly and when the tooth is first through, but after that its feeding as usual.

You adore your older siblings, unless they are taking a toy from you. OK, so it's normally just the two year old who does, and he is still learning about sharing.
They come running into our room when they hear you awake in the morning or if you have a nap. The novelty has not worn off, and I can't see it happening ever. Your 2nd oldest brother is gaining more confidence to hold you and carry you if the need arises. It makes me smile, especially if other people see and they start to panic. I have every faith and trust in your baby carrying abilities.

I have moments were I am so overwhelmed with how full my heart feels, bursting with joy and happiness as you smile and laugh with your siblings, or just those rare moments when they are all in bed and it's just you and me. Snuggling in bed just before you doze off to sleep.

Granted there is the odd occasion when you are screeching as you try to get to sleep, like last night, which your father just loves about you!! but for most of the time we fall asleep tired, but happy.

You only have to give the smallest squeal and you have your posse at your side in a flash asking if you are ok, bringing you a toy or ready to pick up and take you for a walk. This is both very cute to see, and also helpful for me, if I am in the middle of washing, dishes, cleaning, ok, let's be serious, looking at something on the Internet.

Here is a rare moment of you smiling in the car. You really don't like it, unless you are asleep, which makes the trips so much quieter. Your car seat faces the back, which does help a bit as your siblings can look at you and sing and make faces. Which entertains you for 5 minutes.
Before we know it you will be sitting amongst said siblings, going back and forth between having a great time and playing games, to bickering about who is looking out the others window, or who is too close or nearly touching them. *sigh*
(Back now a day later)

At he moment you are not happy about getting teeth Numbers 5 and 6. I am sorry I did not even think to check your mouth for more teeth with you had been unhappy all day. Despite being through it all 4 times, I am still learning that I don't know it all, and your are more than happy to show me. You are the first baby to get teeth 5 and 6 so soon after the first 4. The other babies had several months in between. You my darling seem to be in a hurry and they are all coming our straight after each other. Which is painful for us both.

I am torn between wanting you to slow down but also excited to watch you grow and become more mobile and verbal.
You can stand against the couch and think it is quite funny. I want to push you back down and tell you to relax, no need to grow so fast, there is plenty of time. After all, I just had you yes?

You are crying again, so I will leave it there and go have lie down booby snuggles, which we both love.

Again a day later now. I have just noticed, well Daddy noticed, you have teeth 7 and 8 coming through the bottom row. Oh dear, poor bubba. For us both I hope this passes quickly!

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Lith said...

*weaping happy tears* That was such a rollercoaster of emotions kind of a post!

Dearest P-P happy 9 month birthday for the other day. You are very dear to our hearts and we feel blessed to watch you grow.

-Harriet, Lith and Eale

PS Mama I always imagine that you looked just like L when you were a wee one :D