Sunday, 9 November 2008

A poor child's cubby house...

An in my opinion the best kind.

Here we have the 3 middle children in the cubby. My daughter is at the bar. This is what they called it. My first thought was how the hell do they know about bars, considering I don't drink and if hubby does it is when he goes out with his mates on the odd occasion. They told me it was from Star Wars. Phew, sigh of relief, well that's ok then. Just keep the light sabers on your belts though.

Even the baby got in on the action. I love this age. She is able to move around and be part of the games and play with her siblings which she loves.

Funny hat wearing is mandatory for under table cubby houses.
Don't be jealous of my floor. It is the longest project we have done in the house. A year to pull up the old, gorgeous 70's cork. Now the wait is on for the new floor. I have visions of us coming back after the new owners have moved in. "Hi, just us again, here to lay the floor"
My husband is reading this and no doubt pulling a face. Yes dear I know how hard it was to rip up the old floor. But come on, we need to move on. We have more drug induced colour combinations from the 70's to sand, paint or throw away.

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