Friday, 24 October 2008

A Heinz 57 of a Post

Google it, I can't be bothered explaining it.

I am in a very up and down mood lately. Living in this house is driving me crazy. No the five children have nothing to do with it. Well, maybe a little.
I was hoping we would have not only sold this house but have moved out by this time of year. It is sucking the happiness out of me and I want it stopped.
My loathing for it is affecting my desire to clean it. I don't care about the house and therefore don't care to sweep, tidy or finish the myriad of teeny jobs left that when put together accumulate to a massive amount.

I am over it, I want to low it up. Which I can't do now as I have just blogged about it and what if the insurance company see this. I think too much.
But still, it would solve a lot of problems, and we wouldn't be out by that much as the difference between selling the land on it's own, compared to the house and land is actually not that much. That should tell you how classy the house is.

No really, I'll be fine, don't worry about me. This time tomorrow I will be splattered in paint as my happy pills kick in and I am back to being enthusiastic about getting the jobs done and selling.

I interrupt this cliff hanger of a post to add an email hubby just sent me.

A blog update once in a while would be nice dear

The cheek of the man! I told him had he waited 5 minutes there would be one. Not that he will be overly thrilled to read me harping on about the house, again!
Why yes, I am blogging about the house that sucked all life out of me and spat me out holding a paint brush in one hand and a blow torch in the other.

OK, well since you stopped by I should talk about some happy things going on, don't want to be the cause of anyone else feeling down.
Last weekend we spent the afternoon with several other families. Awesome families who accept our crazy family with love and open arms. Truthfully we have come across some families in our times that are of the children are seen and not heard school, and some make we wonder why they have children if they se them as annoyances. ut that is a whole nother post!

One of the babies there is very special to my baby. She was born 2 weeks after our babe in her loungeroom, in the same birth pool that our baby girl was. She also had the same doula that we had. The universe certainly made sure our paths crossed!
Two gorgeous freebirthed babes and their doula.

I love this photo. To me she is saying you will NOT be taking this stick from my clutches! Don't even think about it!

'Hmmm, that looks yummy, I want one too'

Look out my friend I have places to go and I am in a hurry!!

Here we have the two babes looking at my 6 year old. I wonder what they are thinking? Maybe 'Help me, she likes my pants and wants them!'
I love watching these babes together and how they interact. Sometimes they give each other a look. A look that only they seem to understand. Maybe they are talking about us parents and laughing at how crazy we are, or giving each other notes on how to cope with teething.
I look forward to watching them grow up, but not too quickly! Its flying by too soon as it is.

What else is happening in the world. Hmm, well Star Wars seems to still be playing a large part in our household. Let it go already dear children. Sadly, I think it is here to say. Hubby id have a Star Wars hiatus for awhile there between him growing up and marrying me. However now that our children are getting into Star Wars he is loving it and drives me batty along with the kids.
The other day we had left basketball and I had 20 minutes to get to the dry cleaners. I told the children I hoped me made it.
My eldest son said "How about, all the world is normal, but I am the only one who has the force. Then I could lift the car and make us go through the sky straight to the dry cleaners and we'd be there in seconds' Of course the other son was just as enthralled with this concept as he let out a sigh and said 'That would be awesome'
And for a fleeting moment I agreed.


The Husband said...

I've always said the force was strong with that one

Hang in there my love, you will be in your new house before you know it, and in the mean time i'll keep this one clean.

loz said...

Massive HUGS you will be packing up your sold house moving into a beautiful home before you know it.

Love those photos:)

Lith said...

Wishing speedy moving your way.

I love to hear what is said between those boys, they crack me up.

And our babes *sigh* I LOVE watching our babes together.