Monday, 8 September 2008

Happy Fathers Day!!

Our day started with snuggles and being jumped on!
I cooked, under protest, scrambled eggs on toast for Hubby and us all. We didn't have set plans for the day. Just that we would go for a drive and take the kids to a park for a play.
We ended up driving further and further. Until reaching a lovely town we go to every now and then that has an awsome lolly shop. Mmmmmmm

A pit stop on the way and a bubba in need of a feed! No, we didn't drive off like this :)

Behind the park is a huge pond and oval right near bush and a walking track with a stream running alongside. So we walked a little way along the track. Most frequently used saying as we were walking "Stop throwing things in the water" of course!
One of the two ways to cross over the stream. I went this way.
The other way to cross the stream. Now you see why I didn't go this way! With bubs on my back wriggling and kicking, I would definitely have fallen in!

Aww, bubba sounds asleep on Mumma's back. Snug, cosy and very comfy :)

After our mini nature walk we went into the bakery for a snack of sausage rolls, before heading over to the Lolly shop!!!
No, the kids didn't go inside, they stayed in the car while Daddy went in, he he We have been to this Lolly shop a dozen times I'd say, and they are yet to go inside. This may sound cruel, but we do it for the safety of the store and our own sanity.

Despite buying the children the EXACT same lolly bag, there was still tears and tantrums in the car on the way home. Children seem to have a knack for finding differences in things that appear identical!

Also on the way home we tried to remember if we did this same trip last Fathers Day. After much discussion and reminiscing, yes, we did.
A tradition is born. See you there next year!


Sarah said...

Happy Father's Day S! Looks like you had a great day.

Holy crap I can't beleive how much P-P has grown since I last saw her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love to all, from E, S & H

Angie said...

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Thanks for your time! And for your blog work!

-Angie Fisher

Hearts and Hands said...

I have my email up on the main page now :)