Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Coke? What?

I can't hear you, sorry.....

I caved! I know, I know. It is damn hard giving up your ONE and only vice! Well, there is the odd chocolate or ten, but let's not get lost in minor details.

I also need to start walking again, as I have left the
get rid of baby weight' regime a bit late this time.
By this time with my 4th child I was very close to being at my normal weight. My motivation was being in a wedding. This time I have no motivation, and damn it I just can't be bothered.

I have started at least a dozen times in the past few months. You know the usual, no junk food, no soft drink, eat healthy, move that back fat. Yes, back fat. Or lower back fat to be precise. Dare I go on? ok, you twisted my arm. That bit of fat above your bum that shouldn't move, but does, even after you have stopped. That bit of 'something' that when you are jogging feels like someone is hitting you. That someone being, well, you.

Come on, don't leave me hanging, please tell me I am not alone.
I am going out with the munchkins on Friday, so can I say I will start on Saturday.
I need accountability. Help me! Hubby is no help as he is just as bad as me. We both find motivation at different times. I can be all geared up and feeling good after a few days and then he will say "I could really go some chocolate right now" and then I cave in. And vice versa with him being pumped and ready to eat well, etc

Hints, tips, encouragement are all welcomed.


Louisa said...

So relate! I just ate carrot with peanut butter...think I missed the point of a healthy snack!! Oh well, will just add it today's "point". you should check out www.operationskinnycow.blogspot.com - a great place for some support and encouragement!

The Husband said...

I bought you a treadmill!!!!!

Seriously I hear you on being motivated at diff. times.

I've been coke free and walked almost every day for 2 weeks and have dropped a belt size so I am officially motivated to get my bikini body back for summer.

tiggy said...

LOL. I can relate too.
My goal was 10kgs by the end of November and, the husband, my own husband bought me a treadmill and he is still my biggest sabotager.
LOL, needless to say my goal will not be met.