Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Reminds me of Grease (The movie)

Tonight Hubby and I are heading off to the Drive-in. We have never been and I for one am very excited. Excited? about the drive-in? You don't get out much do you Mummy?

Well, no, no I don't. Some days my journey out in the world is to the clothes line and back.

Feel my excitement! Every time I think of the drive-in, I remember Grease, the movie. Not that we will be in a cool convertible car with the top down and walking around all cool like with our pink and leather jackets.

Far from it. We will be the laughter of the night in our van, complete with baby in the back. Yes, of course baby is coming to. As my eldest says to others when they ask "Wherever Mummy's boobs go, baby goes"

We will be seeing the latest Bond movie. Hubby has a crush on Daniel Craig, but I am cool with it. After seeing him interviewed the other night, in which he was quite funny, said fuck in the first few minutes and giggled, I think he is pretty cool too.

And for those following along, yes I will be having popcorn and coke. It will be fine. I promise I will be back on the wagon tomorrow.

I'll let you know how the movie goes, and my first time at a drive-in.


The Husband said...

Your exited???


loz said...

Haha have lots of fun you will love it hopefully it will be fairly quiet for you and no one will even blink an eye at your van:) Last time we went E propped himself up in his carseat and jumped around the car at will much better then running around the cinema if anyone had an issue lol

klynch said...

oooo the drive in I have not been since I was like 12 and have not seen one in years How cool is that! have fun!