Thursday, 6 November 2008

Makes 24 pattie cakes...

Except when you are baking with children, in which case you are lucky if you get 18 patty cakes.
Why you ask??

Because the following is sure to happen to even the most attentive of parents.

~ Mixture is splattered outside the bowl when mixing.

~ Bowl is grabbed by several hands who all want a turn at mixing, batter again outside the bowl

~ 2 year old who has no understanding of sharing, waiting his turn, and who has not yet developed very well his fine motor skills, insists with screaming very loud he can spoon the batter in the patty tins. Again most of mixture drips on bench between mixing bowl and tins.

~ Said 2 year old thinks it is normal practise to eat mixture after every attempt at pouring it in the patty tin. One for me, one for the patty, one for me, one for the patty... why didn't I stop him? Because it was too friggin cute!

~ Children all sneak a spoonful of the mixture when you try and sneak off to grab sheets off the line thinking they didn't notice you gone.

~ You sneak some mixture when the children are occupied by their favourite TV program.

Here we have many little cooks wanting to help. Even the baby is trying to help by grabbing all the patty pans and eat them. My 2 year old is mixing. You have no idea how painful it is for me to let the children help, especially with cooking. I have to keep reminding myself they need to learn, so one day I don't have to cook anymore.

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The Husband said...

Cupcakes is ok, but mars bar slice needs to be made in the wee small hours of the morning after all the munchins have gone to bed