Thursday, 18 December 2008

A wonderful weekend, in pictures no less

Sweet Harriet, best friends with my bubba. They may only be 10 months old but they have been friends their whole lives, even before they were earthside.
This past weekend we had the pleasure of the company of a gorgeous little family. Their oldest (an currently only, but there are several to come :) ) was loved and doted on by us all. I have a feeling our bubba breathed a sigh of relief to see her siblings smothering, ahem, I mean caring for another bubba, giving her a break, lol

The two bubbas having an hysterical time laughing at my 2 year old playing peek-a-boo through the window. It was so cute to see our bubba sharing in a moment that happens so often in our house when one of the older children escape. Bubba will crawl straight to the window as she knows they will be there, to make her laugh and squeal. I can never get tired of watching my children laugh and play.

Playing with the curtains. They are quite tasty apparently, all the bubbas love to taste them when they come to visit.

My eldest and his new little playmate. I loved watching how lovely he was with both bubbas. He wanted to go home with our friends. I could have said yes, as I do have some more children to spare, but we would miss him terribly.

Despite a few over gentle whacks, hair pulls and pinches the moment caught here was actually affection. My bubba was patting her little friend. Not sure why, guess it's a baby thing.

Our bubba showing her friend how to play with a toy she normally is not really interested in, lol But you know how it goes, as soon as someone else goes near a toy, the other child wants it!
I love the look on Harriets face here, so cute!
I am sure they all enjoyed the peace and quiet at their house, after the what can be at times ear piercing loudness of our house. Loud, crazy, noisy, but also loving, laughter and fun.
We hope we have not scared our friends, and that they will come back soon!


Lith said...

It's lonely and dull not peace and quiet! Beautiful photos from a beautiful weekend, thank-you!

Veronica Lee said...

Hi, Just stopping by your blog to wish you a very Merry Christmas before I hit my hometown for the holidays.