Friday, 14 November 2008

Things I never thought I would get so excited over...

or so interested in.
After typing up the things I never thought I would say, or say so often I started thinking about how my life has changed since before kids. I was quite selfish back then, which I don't see as a bad thing, but as a consequence of my life at the time. It was just me to worry about. Just me to spend all my money on. Just me to buy clothes and shoes for, oh wow, so many shoes *Sigh*

Now with children my priorities are very different. I am no longer number one in my life. Which is fine for me as I knew this before having kids.
What I didn't know was all the things I once never gave a thought to would become such a form of excitement or consument(it's a word right?) in my day and life.

Such as
~ A warm day with a slight breeze. If you are a mum you know what I am about to say. Yes, washing!! Perfect washing weather!!!

~ Going shopping with the intention of getting myself something I need, yet coming home with items for the children. Once upon a time I cared about fashion. I liked dressing nice and having gorgeous shoes to match. It is not much different now, except it is kids clothes and shoes.
I am different in a small way in that the clothes at the stores and shopping centres do not appeal to me. I love hand made, gorgeous clothes. Like here, here and here. (Yes, 2 links to Etsy. Those in the know are cursing me for the enabling, he he) and just for some more enabling are these gorgeous retro clothes!

~ Looking at labels when going grocery shopping. This is the part that is time consuming. There is so many hidden chemicals, colours and preservatives in food nowadays and it can be quite confusing.
It concerns me greatly what our children could be consuming without us knowing or realising.

This site helps you understand additives better and gives information about the Kids First Campaign. I found this site when searching for the book.
Another site I find helpful is Fed up with food additives. It has a wealth of knowledge and includes recipes.

~60 Minutes
*sigh* I know, what the? It's true, I watch 60 minutes. When I was little my parents would watch it every week. I hated it. It was so boring. I didn't care about what was happening in the world. I just wanted a Cabbage Patch Doll, a Barbie car and to stay up late, and maybe not go to school.
Now every week Hubby and I watch 60 minutes. We laugh at how old we are getting.

~ Groceries on special. I still seemed to get excited when I see the blue tag on the shelf in front of an item I buy. Especially washing powder. (The excitement doubles if the powder is on special AND it's a sunny day!)

Yes, nappies, cloth nappies to be precise. With our first child I bought 2 dozen old style nappies, flats. A few pilchers from the supermarket and plastic pants. I know, I am hanging my head in shame at the thought. It gets worse, I also had a bucket and soaked them every day. I thought I was quite modern with my snappy thingies though.
It was a disaster, he would leak every nappy change. The poo-plosions were shocking! He is still my number one baby pooper. No baby has matched him yet!

So we switched to disposables. They worked great. So when baby number two came along we started with sposies and didn't look back.
A few months after our 3rd was born I noticed in another mothers signature online her baby girl in a cloth nappy. It was bright purple, trim and looked gorgeous. I asked her about it and so began my introduction to MCN or Modern Cloth Nappies. AIO's, Fitteds, Fleece, Sherpa, Bamboo, Hemp, Covers, Pocket.... It was so confusing to start. I remember looking at many sites over a whole weekend. Searching for answers and wanting to know more. For your convenience here is a glossary that will help if you are not aware or don't know much about MCN.

Back then there were maybe a dozen online stores that made and sold Cloth Nappies. All by mums who loved MCN and wanted to make and sell their style of nappies, covers and accessories.
I bought a couple at a time over about a year, and ended up with a great 'stash' Several I still have and are going strong.

We have saved a lot of money using cloth, and water too. Many people who ask me about them don't realise or know that cloth nappies actually use less water to wash, than the water used in the manufacturing process of a disposable nappy. And no soaking bucket either! It is not needed at all, in fact it wears out the material quicker if you soak.

I won't go on, I am sure those who are not interested are either skimming through quickly or their eyes are glazed over.

Just need to say one more thing though, it is very easy to become obsessed. So many colours, prints, materials, styles!

~ Having a shower on my own (even more so a bath!)

~ Going to the toilet and not being interrupted by children who insist on knowing what I am doing (? What is it with that?)

~ Sitting down to a meal alone with Hubby and eating the WHOLE dish!! Not to mention that we would have a conversation, and adult conversation about adult stuff! (However we always end up spending half the time talking about the kids. How they have grown, funny things they say or do)

~ Quiet. The sound of the ocean. Winds rustling through the trees. Birds chirping to eachother.
Go anywhere with my children and these cannot be heard by even those with the highest acuteness of hearing.
When I spend a few hours or a day with just the baby it never ceases to amaze me how loud our house is when I get back. Everyone talking at once, jumping up and down, getting louder and louder so as to try and speak over the others.

Most of all I never knew I could be so excited about my children. Of course sometimes they drive me nuts and I feel one step away from a home, but the majority of the time they really are awesome. I am excited to watch them grow and learn. Excited to watch them play together (and plot together to get chocolates from what I thought was a hidden spot).
I feel so lucky to have them in my life.


loz said...

What a beautiful read thanks

lotusbirther said...

holding my hand up as another washing-on-the-line fanatic (only maybe not actually fanatical as such about it) ;-) well ok, i am.
we only have five in our family and even that is plenty of washing- fortunately we live on the side of a hill so it is nearly always windy, it is just the sunny bit that we miss out on.