Friday, 26 September 2008

It's all worth it

Texta, crayon, pencil and pen on every door, wall, floor and surface in the house, whole bottles of milk tipped down the drain, food mushed into, well everything, 'self hair cuts' or those given by siblings, wee on everything, poo finger painting (if you think ewwwwww you are clearly not a parent, remember this post when it happens) toy after toy after toy left on the floor for you to step on, slip on and curse over, the 'Why' phase, drinks spilled on the carpet before you realise floorboards are better, 4 thousand changes of clothes in one day, vomit down your back 10 minutes before you walk out the door, and the many, many more parenting moments.

Your 2 year old calling out Mummy as he runs to you and gives you a big hug and says "Huuuuuug" your heart melts and yes, it's all worth it.

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