Monday, 15 September 2008

Breastfeeding Advocacy

Whilst I am a strong supporter and advocate of supporting mothers breastfeeding, I am not pushy or overbearing. Well, I try not to be, but sometimes I can get quite passionate.
I have seen some t'shirts on another gorgeous homebirth bubba recently and needed to know where her equally gorgeous Mamma bought it.

So here it is, advocacy starting young :) When we are out and about as a family we get lots of looks, so we may as well have something for the people to look at and spread the word.

(For Haz)

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Lith said...

Aww cool! Next time they hang out we can dress them in their suits together. All the people who see them coming will cower in fear "Oh no! It's those uber strong breastfed freebirthed babes! Hide your formula! Don't make 'em Mad!!!!" :D