Monday, 1 December 2008

Protective, even in my dreams

This post is for Hubby. I didn't get a chance to tell him this morning while he got ready to work, as I was sleeping soundly with a gorgeous babe in my arms.

I dream the most weird dreams. Don't we all!
Last night was no exception. My dream was one of those that seems all over the place. Little spurts of things happening at once.The main part I remember is Hubby hopping on a bus, and me waving good by, just before getting in my car, right hand drive (? We have left hand drive here, but oh well) and as I did a man came up to my car reached in and grabbed my parking ticket. Saying something like "you don't need this anymore"
I get out and say "Give me back my ticket" then he comes back yelling and screaming at me. I was very frightened, and tried to get back in the car but he would let me.
Then all of a sudden Hubby is there and grabs the guy and throws him aside.

Then I woke up to a baby slapping my tummy like a drum and giggling.

Yes, weird dreams. I know some people believe dreams have meanings and interpretations. I wonder what that dream meant?

While you are at it, maybe tell me why one dream I had years ago was about me going to get a drink from the fridge, that happened to on the road in the middle of the street. Yup, weird alright!
Tell me your weird dreams, make me feel better :)


The Husband said...

My dreams (as you know) are perfectly normal, Sex, violence, espionage, saving the world

I'm so well balanced

Hearts and Hands said...

Oooh so in your dreams you are James Bond, lol

The Husband said...

No no thats just the regular me

Veronica Lee said...

I'm 40+ but I still have dreams of having to sit for school exams I'm totally unprepared for, always waking up feeling soooooo relieved.
I read somewhere that this is a sign of insecurity.