Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Next year I'll do things different...

Is what I say every year. And every year it is a few days before Christmas and I am still running around getting 'last minutes things' of all sorts. Sticky-tape is always top of the list as the kids go through it like water here. I find sticky tape everywhere, it drives me batty. On the table, on the chairs, on the windows, on the desk, on my laptop, on shoes, not to mention all the gorgeous artwork it is helping to stay up on the Walls, doors and windows.

I went out today, uh, yes, Christmas eve, I know, I know. Just me and bubs in the wrap. I thought it would be easy. Get in, grab the few things, get out. Nope. My first gripe of insane shopping on Christmas eve is girls clothes. Pink, pink, pink, pink, and oh wow is that a dab of peach? nope, light pink. Since when did pink become the only colour a girl can wear? Last I checked there was more colours than pink. Red, green, blue, purple, orange, yellow, all such lovely vibrant colours just waiting to be made into clothes for all to wear. If anyone has any links to colourful, bright clothes that don't stereotype please let me know. And if anyone reading this works for a manufacturer of children's clothing, please, please, I beg you, enough with the pink already!!!
Next grip is shorts for girls. Id it that hard to make shorts for girls that are not "short-short" I don't know about other parents but I for one do not want my child's butt hanging out the bottom of her shorts, Call me crazy but I like a 4 year old to dress like a 4 year old. I'd have something to say about shorts that short even if she was a teenager, and no doubt I will. But for now she is a young girl, and I prefer to dress her in sensible clothes that allow her to play and run around as she loves doing.

Another gripe (I did say there were several, lol) is people pushing in line when they KNOW you were there first! They made eye contact with you as they walked towards you and stood next to you!
Why? are you that rude that you can't wait an extra few minutes while the PERSON WHO WAS THERE FIRST gets served. Yes, it happened to me, withing a minute of me being asked if I was next and I said and ushered towards another woman who was there before me.
Bah to you man who after spitting out what he wanted before I could say hey I was first, then avoided eye contact with me. I am sure he felt the daggers shooting from my eyes into his head.
But it's Christmas, got to think lovely, nice thoughts. Yeah, whatever.

Final gripe (I promise!) is sales assistants, or are they called sales clerks, or cashier, or shop assistant? I can't keep up with all the PC terms nowadays. You are there solely to 'assist' buyers in their purchases. What? you didn't realise that was part of the job? You thought you just had to stand behind the counter and chat to your friend about who is seeing who and what party you are going to, been to or want to go to and who you will be meeting up with? Well, strap yourself in because I have so much more!! Another part of your job is to smile and greet the customer. Remember the customer? the person buying goods at the store you are working for? It is the customers purchase that keeps the store running, and it's a smashing idea to be as helpful as you can to said customer, as they may well be so chuffed with your helpfulness and politeness that they will come back, and even tell your friends.
What? I lost you at PC?

Arrgghhhhh. Several stores I went into today the 'person working there' just looked as they couldn't be bothered. Yes, I know it's Christmas and it's busy, blah, but really is it that hard to say Hello?

There were some good things about shopping today, so don't get me wrong and think I am boo hooing everything, lol In one store the assistant was wonderful. She seemed quite smitten with bubba, who was more interested in trying to grab at everything as I walked past. The woman was happy, cheerful and actually asked me if I needed any help! I know, if it weren't for the baby I may have fainted. I did buy something gorgeous from the store and will definitely be back. They have such lovely candles and holders there. And they smell good too, the candles I mean.

So my point? Next year I want to have all my shopping done before December begins. It is a challenge I have set before and am yet to fulfill. And, like I say every year.... next year it will be different!

It is now 3:10am on Christmas morning! All presents wrapped, house moderately cleaned and I am ready for bed!
Have a wonderful day everyone! See you again really soon, I promise.


Nat said...

Now that's interesting. I hate it when shop assistants greet me with smiles and can I help yous and how are yous. Leave me alone! I'll talk to you if and when I am ready, dangnabbit!!!

klynch said...

so totally understand I hope it was all worth it on christmas morning!