Thursday, 18 November 2010

What was I saying?

Oh yeah, kids are the best sharers with illness. Yup! So now we have 3 kids down and another with a runny nose. Spring is always a rough time with the weather changing so much. Warm, sunny and lovely one day, freezing cold and raining the next.

Bring on Summer! Heads up though, I will no doubt be whinging about how hot I am in a months time. Never happy I know. Warm days with a slight breeze, that's what I like!

Tonight I am off to sell more tickets for the raffle! Hub took a raffle book to work yesterday and is almost finished selling every ticket! Go Hub.

We also have more prizes and more donations from locals. Which is fantastic. I really am so touched by how generous people are.

We are now half way to our goal! So exciting. Don't forget if you would like to help contribute to the Children's camp please go here.
Every amount helps, and every cent goes to the Camp!

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