Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Murphey's Law

Is not the Law most people think it is.
"Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong" is actually Finagle's Law.

So With lots going on lately the washing has slipped behind. Well, really, it's always behind. Meh, it's not going anywhere right?

I made the huge mistake of feeling great that all the towels were washed, folded and put away. We have a lot of towels, this was a great moment. I should have known not be so cocky.

Last night the 2 year old vomited. A LOT! After stripping the bed we laid down a towel for her just in case. We did this about 8 times. Really, she is a wee thing. I have no clue how she had that much in her.
Then this morning, 15 minutes before Hub's alarm went off, we woke up to our sick toddler crying out. More mess, but this time not vomit. If you get my drift.

So in the shower she went with hub. And then clean clothes and back to bed, on more layers of towels and a bowl there ready.
Several hours later and there has been more washing, more bowl clean outs, lots of sleeping and a not very happy toddler.

Looks like tomorrow shall be just like today, if he child sharing rule applies. The rule being kids are the most awesome sharers, with illness.

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alecat said...

Oh, you poor thing! It's horrid when the children are ill.
I hope your toddler gets better soon.

Catherine xx