Monday, 29 November 2010

Updates in dot point form

~ The raffle is over. I had a wonderful time doing it, but am glad it is now over and the prizes have all been handed out bar one, which I am giving to the wonderful winner on Wednesday.
I am still overwhelmed at all the wonderful, kind, generous people who donated such lovely prizes for our raffle. I will always be so humbled and grateful.

~ Hub is starting a new job in a few weeks. We are both very excited and very happy that it will mean we can start plans for building our home sooner.

~ I have had a sore shoulder for 10 months now, and finally went to my Doc on Friday. I am off for xrays and ultrasounds tomorrow. I only go to the Doctors when I really need to, and the time had come for this to be checked out and a plan put in place.

~ My older children are emailing me links to presents they would like. Gone are the days for these two of looking over catalogues that come in the mail and circling what they want. Hello technology!

~ My baby is turning One in just a few weeks! I am in total denial about it, and her walking along furniture and walking holding onto our hands. I keep thinking she is only a few months old, surely.
We are having a little gathering here to celebrate. Looking forward to that.

~ I learnt today some awesome friends are coming to a Home Ed camp next year, that we are also going to. Uber excited about that!

~ My ten year old is loving cooking and a few times now has cooked the evening meal for us all with simple guiding here and there. He keeps asking to cook, so we are sometimes reluctantly saying yes. I say reluctantly as he makes a huge mess. He is leaning to clean up properly.

~ This Spring has been shocking to so many peoples health, including us. Colds, sniffles, coughs, runny noses and feeling run down. Here is hoping the weather settles down soon.

~ Next time I go shopping I am taking headphones with me. Christmas music makes me feel nauseous.

~ I am steering clear as much as I can of shopping centres this year. I already know the gifts I need to buy and Hub will be getting them in a couple of weeks on his own. Get in, get out. Hopefully.

~ The next 6 weeks are going to be crazy. If I drank I think I would stay tipsy the whole time. At least I have chocolate and orange jelly beans!

~ I only have one more set of books to order and some printing to do and we will have all our books for next year. Sweet! I found an awesome wall calendar the other day. Nice and big, a month to a page and only $4.50. Everything will be written on that so when the kids start a sentence with "What are we doing......" I will just point to the calendar.

~ I have been thinking a lot lately about learning a second language. This craze comes and goes with me. I have gone through this many times for as long as I can remember, and feel that really I like the 'idea' more than the reality.
I do have the desire to travel in the future, just me and hub and will settle for learning some words and phrases when the time comes.

~ I have felt very unmotivated lately. In my head I am full of energy and keeping up with everything. But the reality is different. I am hoping I can turn this around soon, as I feel better with energy and able to keep up with things.

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Anonymous said...

Tell me more about the wall calender! I NEED one of those LOL