Friday, 12 November 2010

Things I Know

Asked by Shae at Yay for home!

~ Nothing in my life has tested my patience more than my children. (especially with things involving safety, life and death moments)

~ At some point in parenting you will hear yourself spurting to your children the exact same phrase your parents said to you. (As soon as the words pass your lips you will think "Fuck!" in your head)

~ No matter how skilled a parent you think you are, or how superior you may feel after years of parenting, a child vomiting on your legs and shoes, or pooing on your hip as you hurry them to the loo, or wee shooting you in the eye, will bring you down a peg or two to reality. In the end we have all been wee'd on, pooed on and vomited on. There really are no levels of parenting.

~ A person giving the advice to tell a 20 month old how important it is for them to keep their arms in their car straps either has a freaky, never moving or talking child, or no children at all.

~ Heed my warning. This with children, open a savings account when they are babies. A special account called "Money to have when my kid breaks other people stuff, property, furniture, etc"
The 8 year old broke a friends window today. I felt awful that my first thought was about the window, and how it was another persons house, then moved on to my son and his bleeding arm.
My friend however, went straight to my son, bless her.
This is not the first time something has been broken, and it will not be the last.

~ The Kindness of Strangers can have you sobbing like a baby. I am overwhelmed, so thankful and in awe of the people who have donated goods and money to the paypal donations account so the Nevus Camp next year can happen. Our goal is $500 and we are already at $200!
I am selling tickets at as many places as I can between now and the draw on November 25th.
Fingers crossed we make our goal, or even pass it!!

~ The first strong day of hear and humidity will bring the banshee. "Stop touching me!" "Move away from me" "Don't breathe near me" "I'm hooooooooooooot" (And that was just me)

~I miss central cooling, a LOT!!


Anonymous said...

Oh noooooes at the window and the bloooooood, eeeek, hope he is okay??

And woot woot at the donations, that's fucking awesome :D

And LOL and ew at the rest ;) hehe

Renata said...

Great list - I can definitely relate to most on your list! Love the carseat one - I've hollered at each of my children at one time or another to "get their arms in NOW"!
Hope you are able to sell your tickets
Have a great weekend

shae said...

love your list!

Clare said...

lol apwool, yeah he is fine and very excited to show any and everyone who will look and hear the long tale of woe :)

Thank you Renata! The arms in the seat is one most parents can relate to, it's definitelr grrrr worthy hey.

Thanks Shae :)

Hanna said...

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