Sunday, 21 November 2010

She is on the move

Yes, I know. I am in shock and denial too.
Our wee baby, who really, was only born a few months ago yes? Is walking along the furniture.
What is it with kids and their incessant need to grow so fast!

It turns out the babe is 11 months. Yeah, sigh. She is freaking amazing. My heart almost bursts every time she smiles, laughs, squeals, claps her hands with delight...ok, so basically when she breathes, she is that adorable.

We are having a little Birthday Party for her in a month. Her 1st Birthday! WTF?
I know, you'd think I'd be down with the whole kids grow up thing by now. But I'm not, despite loving every stage the children go through and enjoy watching them grow and develop.

I cherish this time so much, and take thousands of pics to remember how squishy and cute they were as babies.

I will put some pics of of our 'baby' in a few days. She is not feeling the best at the moment and is wanting to just laze about and be fussed over by her siblings.

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alecat said...

Walking already!?! She obviously wants to hurry up and play with her neat older siblings. :)