Thursday, 1 January 2009

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Goodness time really does fly when you skip a day or 10 on your blog!! ok, so now it is another few more days. Could I be slacker? of course!

Here are some pics to re cap our silly season.
This first pic is the dadda, putting up our first official tree ever with our 4, 6 and 8 year olds.

The bubba helping dadda put the star on top. She was more interesting in eating to be honest. Mmm glittery goodness.

Our two year asked very nicely for no more pics please. In truth he was squealing nooooooooo
He is upset about something here, who knows.

Christmas Morning. Here is the 4 year old with her new easel. Her first drawing was of the whole family, with really, really big heads and looong legs.

At nanna and poppy's house playing with new toys.

In the evening the bubbs bestie came over, with her parents to help us celebrate. Here are the two munchkins playing at the window. I love this photo.
Haz's mumma gave me the best present ever, a book. I love books. It saddens me that for years the only books I have read are on average 10 pages long and with characters that are animals, cars or tractors.
I am very keen to get back into reading for me, and Memoirs of a Geisha is the start. I also got a gorgeous necklace in a lovely green colour. It is retro, suits me, and I love it.

The bubba slapping on the window. She was whacking it quite hard and laughing. So cute. If only she would listen to me and slow down with this growing up business.

Boxing Day afternoon nap with dadda and the bubba. In the last month or so bubba has been quite happy to snuggle with dadda when she is tired, and fall asleep on him. This is lovely for them to snuggle together, and gives mumma a chance to do things round the house, catch up on blogging!!! ha! or even read :)

My beautiful bubba. Here you are at 11 months old. Even when you are squealing so loud I think my ears are going to burst, I smile at you. Everything you do makes me smile, or laugh, sometimes cry. You fit perfectly into our little family and we all adore watching you grow, too quickly, everyday. You have 8 little, sharp, baby teeth. You have the cutest crawl and are very fast nowadays. I have to look around me before I move now as you can get from place to place in no time. I have tripped over you a few times as I didn't know you were right behind me. You squealed to let me know my feet on your fingers hurts. Sorry my darling.

Your siblings continue to adore and worship you. They will do anything to make you laugh and smile. They are ready to be there for you any time and you love it. They will lean and smile at you, you will whack them on the head, they pretend to fall back and you laugh and laugh. It is very cute and never ceases to make me smile. This is a great game than can go on for at least 5 minutes, enough time for me to think I can get something done.

The past week in particular you have been cruising along the furniture. Why must you want to walk, and grow up. I love that you are making milestones, but it pangs my heart at the same time. I want to remember it all, but I can't. I will look back at photos and remember when it was taken, as I have done with the other children. Moments now that are so fresh in my mind will fade. Little things standing out that I will recall when you are older. One of the joys of older siblings is that they remember things about you also, and will no doubt tell you in years to come about how you ate one of their pieces of lego, or grabbed at the book you were reading and ripped a page from you and giggled, which made you giggle and say 'Oooh don't tell Mummy'

In no time at all it will be your first birthday. 12 months old. From here I can look into the loungeroom at the spot where you were born. It is the one thing I love about this house, and will no doubt miss the most. The joy that came across my face when we first laid eyes on one another is burned in my memory forever. That I know for sure.

Here you are looking up at me, smiling as soon as you saw the camera. Of course as soon as I took this photo your 2 year old brother came running up smiling and saying "Cheeeeese, cheeeeese, cheee-eese!'


Nat said...

That last photo in particular is just priceless! :) I'm sorry she's growing up so fast -- it's obviously hard on you. Mwah!

Hearts and Hands said...

Ack, I do harp on about it don't I. lol I didn't realise til going over some older posts and thought, gee, I do seem to go on about her growing up. I guess it is me looking back with hindsight. I was so excited about our first child and him doing everything. He was early to do everything. I have tried to savour each moment more and more with each child.

Which brings us to baby number 5, and I treasure each stage as much as I can. With sadness that it is over, but joy at the person she is growing into.