Monday, 12 January 2009

The Year Ahead

2009 is in full swing. Like the start of every year I am looking forward to events, happenings, birthdays, anniversaries. Lots of happy days to enjoy.
Of course along with the great days there are not so great days.

In a couple of months we will take our 2 year old back to his surgeon to check how his scar is healing and also to talk about the next surgery, which he will be having this year.
I know that every surgery is a another step towards improving our sons health, but it really scares me.
I hate the thought of his little body, so vulnerable at the hands of the surgeons. And while I know they are fantastic, caring surgeons dedicated to children's health, it is only to be expected that parents worry.
At least this time we know the ropes, the way things go at the hospital. The people who will look after our son and us.

Another big event, well two, happening this year is the 30th birthdays of hub and I. I know! 30. I can't get my head around why I am having trouble dealing with it. I think it has a bit to do with me thinking that the twenties are youthful. When you hit 30, you are meant to be more mature.
I don't FEEL like I am about to start my next decade. Tell you the truth I feel about 26. I always liked that number.
Hub on the other hand doesn't seem too phased. Just another birthday. A milestone, so why not throw a party. So he is!
I am happy to just go out for dinner and a movie with Hub on the day. Yes, I am a cheap date. Not much comes close to me being able to eat a meal all to myself and talk to my husband without being interrupted by little munchkins. Adult conversation, woot! But of course we all know the majority of the conversation will be about the kids, ha ha
I have agreed to a small BBQ to celebrate this new era with friends and family. If I HAVE to turn 30, may as well make a party out of it!

My favourite event for this new year is the 15th Anniversary of Hub and I. No, not marriage, I don't count that. We had been together 6 years before our wedding, and while it was a beautiful day, it was a celebration of us being legally connected to eachother, all packaged neatly on one piece of paper.
We count our time together from day one. The day we both said, yup, you're a bit of alright, let's be together.
Those doing that maths have realised we were 15 when we got together. Yes, pretty young. I look back at photos of us and it makes me laugh, and cringe for the future of our children.
We have been to hell and back in that 15 years. The highest highs, and the deepest, darkest lows.
But we are here, we made it through and we are stronger and better people for it. We didn't give up, when so many people would have. There really is nothing that we couldn't conquer together. I look forward to the next 15 years of love, laughter, tears, craziness, chaos and joy. We have lots of wonderful ideas and plans for the future, and I am fortunate to be sharing it with my best friend.

Our house. Ah yes, like our relationship, full of highs and lows. We have put a lot of time and effort into this place and I am looking forward to be out of our little shoebox. We are at full capacity and in need of more room.
I am over painting, fixing, changing, moving furniture, and all that goes with renovating. We have decided to leave the gorgeous 70's kitchen as it is, ready for the next owners to either love and leave, or cringe like we do at the orange'ness and rip it out.
I have everything crossed that the first people who come to look want to buy it. A long shot I know, but selling a house is a major pain in the butt, and keeping the house clean for potential buyers to look is a feat in itself, let alone throwing 5 children into the mix.
So if you can, send some sell quick vibes our way.

Yes, the year ahead is chock full of fun. I have given you a mere snippet of what to look forward to. But, be assured there is going to be much more goings on, no doubts lots of laughing, lots of tears, lots of 'Leave your sister alone' and Leave your brother alone' and 'Shut the door' and 'Oh my god, tell me that's not poo!'

I can feel your excitement!


lotusbirther said...

I love the way you tell it like it is ;-)

Congratulations on your togetherness! It is just wonderful to know about other people in love (and you with five!! kids and you seem so young). When my mother was thirty I thought she was ancient; when I turned thirty I didn't even notice and I don't quite feel ancient yet - saving that up for my year ahead or so ;-)

tiggy said...

Lots to look forward to. I hope the house sells quickly. We ended up moving out most of the stuff while our last house was on the market and putting it in storage.
It worked.
We sold it straight away.
We had five kiddos then too but with alot of the extra mess away we were able to keep on top of things.

Wishing you fast selling vibes

Hearts and Hands said...

Thank you LB. I remember thinking the same thing about my mum, lol Yet here I am and don't feel ancient at all.
Great tip about the clutter and stuff in storage Tiggy. I have slowly been putting 'messy' toys in boxes and they are in the garage. Hopefully by the time we put the house on the market half of it will be packed away. I must say the house is looking bigger inside with some of the furniture and crap, I mean toys, gone, lol