Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Cobbled with Fairy Floss

Ugh, I know, I know, I am the biggest blog slacker there is!
The thing is, life has been slow, and what I am sure others would think kind of boring. We get up late, have breaky then play outside, or read, or do a bit of washing or cleaning. See, boring yeah?

What is quite mundane, but highly exciting in the scheme of this blog, is the runners/cross trainers that I finally got last week. I am well known in the fact that I am ok with pink, but would prefer to not have everything I own pink. Which is my problem with girl clothes. It is nearly ALL pink. It drives me batty. Don't get me wrong, I am not saying I don't want pink in my children's wardrobes. What I am saying is there are so many beautiful colours out there in the world and I want as many as we can get for all our children. A rainbow of clothes. Bright and cheery.

So of course when I tried these runners on I rolled my eyes and smiled at the Hub "They're pink" and what sucks more is they are really, really comfy! So I got them. They reminded me of fairy floss. So far they are feeling good, and have survived my stomping in them as I go on my walks or to the gym for a class. Yes, a class at the gym. I used to go after Bub 4, to help me get some energy and some kind of fitness, ha!
The same thing that happened then is happening now. I get the giggles, and I cannot stop. I can't help but smile as the instructor is getting right into the rhythm and yelling out to keep it up, and let's go! On top of that there are some, hmm, interesting people at the class. In particular one m an who, I am sure if he had his way, would be the only one in the room. He is just bursting with energy and puts in a lot of effort to prance from one side of the room to the other, whilst the rest of us are managing to stay in our designated square foot.

It's good fun though, and I have had loads more energy since cutting down on a lot of indulging foods. Don't worry though, I am not cutting my faves out. No way. I love hot chips and I looooove chocolate, and I want them in my life. The difference is now instead of having it every day and sometimes that night, I am having a smaller amount once or twice a week.

In other news the kids are having lots of fun on their 'school' holidays. My eldest son has read the last two Harry Potter books in just 4 weeks. He said he would like to read them all over again, which is great, but I thought I might start adding some more books to our library. Last night while out shopping I spotted some Roald Dahl books. The Twits, Danny the Champion of the World, James and the Giant Peach, The Witches and others. I loved these books when I was younger so I got him Danny the Champion of the World and he started reading it as soon as I got it in the door. I love that he reads because he wants to, he enjoys it. I love it when he comes to me with whatever book he is reading to tell me something he has just read.

As well as reading, we are also cooking and doing some arts and crafts. Hmm, yes, you read it right. Just the thought of these things makes my eye twitch and my brain to go into shock 'Not again, c'mon, don;t you remember the mess from last time?'
In the pic above my daughter is 'helping' me mix the batter, while talking on the phone. Quite the multi-tasker already at only 4.
With the nicer weather we have been able to do some crafts outside, which while it sounds better, actually isn't. I still have to pick up any mess, wipe off paint from the plants, garage, trampoline, bikes, back door.... you get the picture.

And at the end of a long day with oh so much fun the children fall asleep, anywhere and everywhere. Here we have our 2 year old, asleep at the table with the Ipod. He loves it, and will get quite upset should it be someone else's turn. We could have 5, of the same colour, and there would still be arguing, as one would have a scratch somewhere, or a little dint, or a smudge from someone else on it, or someone breathed on it!
All part of the family fun!
I am hesitant to write it down, because it means it is real and going to happen. Sigh. Soon we will be celebrating bubs 1st birthday. It really has come around so damn quickly. In the past week she has taken steps. Yes, walking steps. But I'm not ready!! 'Ha ha my funny mother, but I am, outta my way.' The other kids are her biggest fans, and love sitting in front of her encouraging her and squealing with delight as she wobbles towards them. I do love that we are sharing this memory together. I love that when she is older there will be others who can share in the moment and tell their version.

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