Friday, 30 January 2009

Adding my piece in the bloggin world about this bloody weather in the Southern Hemisphere

I thought I would jump on the and wagon, and mention how damn HOTT it has been these last few days Down Under. When something, or someone is really, really hot, I add on another 't' .

Some totally NOT useful facts about how Hott it is are as follows

~ January 1908 Five days over 40degrees

~In Jan 1959 three days in a row over 40degrees

~ Yesterday was so hot that the wiring on a roof of a Supermarket caught fire and half the store burn down.

~ Today marked 3 days in a row that I have worn only my underwear for nearly the whole day. Of course you wanted to know that

~ My 2 year old has been naked for the last 3 days, and also the last approx 2 years of his life :)

~ That 'cool change' has yet to be seen. And I promise you that when it does, if it does, I will dance naked in the back yard. What is it with you wanting to hear about me being naked? Sheesh!

~ Tonight is the 3rd hottest night on record.

~ The land has not been this dry at the start of the year since 1932, with less than two percent of the average rainfall.

~ It is now 2am and 5 out of the 7 in our family are still awake. Make that 6, Hub just walked in the kitchen.

~ Despite me pouring with sweat my daughter insists that we need lots of cuddles today. What we won't do for our kids hey!

~ Until a week ago we thought Summer would not come. The weather had been quite mild and Hub and I decided against getting another air con for the other end of the house. Look whose not laughing now.

~ It is so hot that my palms keep sliding off the keyboard.

~ This post is as boring as the weather is hot!

Tomorrow is excepted to be another Hott day. High temp getting to approx. 44 degrees again. Hub and I talked tonight and agreed as soon as he finishes work we are heading to either the beach or the local pool. I am tossing up the pros and cons of each. The pools have a kiddy area with a fence around it, so I don;t have to get up every five seconds, but kids pee in it. The each has a lovely breeze and is free, but there is sand. I love the beach, just not too keen on sand.

What to do eh? Tune in soon to find out what radical plan we chose!!


tiggy said...

Hope things cool down soon.

All of our plants have been burnt in the garden and our grass is dead from the absolute heat.

alecat said...

What to do, hey?!

We're without airconditioning too.
We've 3 fans going, wet washing slung over a drying rack trying to keep the air cool and moist, a bath with some cold (well, it's "ROOM TEMPERATURE") water for the children to jump in and out of, and we're lying all over the floor trying to keep cool.
I've put some alfoil on the windows and it's helped with the kitchen area (yay!). Mariposa's eaten all the iceblocks and frozen bananas, so I'm wondering if I REALLY want to go and face a hot car to get more (no ... not really). Sorry .. just more grizzles, lol!!
Try and keep cool. I'm about to plonk some more containers of water in the freezer - I don't care what shape as long as they get cold.

loz said...

Hugs I hope you all got to go and hide out in the aircon for a bit last night

Nat said...

I really wish I could sympathise with you but we are having the opposite problem here. I just wanted to let you know I hate sand too.

lotusbirther said...

wooah, that is sounding hott over your way! 2% annual rainfall doesn't really sound lik eenough, perhaps i could ship some of the shovel loads of snow over?

Hearts and Hands said...

Oh no Tiggy! We have a few dead plants now, despite putting rain water on them. We only had a little bit of rain on one day though.
Loyusirther the kids would LOVE some snow!! Only one of the 5 have ever seen it, lol