Thursday, 8 October 2009

Plug for our Nevus Support group fundraiser

Those who visit here on a regular basis, well, when I am not being lazy and blog! will know about our son and his story. Those who are new can read it here and here and here.
NeSA was, is and will always be a wonderful support for our son and our family and many other children and families.

NeSA, while small, has a huge heart. Helping many families, in particular parents who are wanting answers, advice and someone to listen to them. The support group is run by volunteers and by fundraising/sponsorship/donations.
Every little bit counts, and helps our support group keep going.

NeSA is holding a fundraising drive with Identity Direct just in time for some Christmas shopping.
Identity Direct offer a wide range of personalised products, lost property solutions and gifts for all ages. Please take a look at their website, and I am sure you will find something you can use.
PLUS - we will receive 20% in cash on all orders, and this will go towards vital equipment and supplies for our families, especially with another conference coming up next year!
Use this unique code at the checkout to ensure we receive the cash bonus
CODE - 4354503
We also have hard copy brochures and order forms available for distribution to family and friends if you prefer.
If you would like some let me know.Don't forget to forward this including the unique order code,to family, friends and workmates - everyone can help with this fundraiser.
All goods are delivered to the address of the person placing the order.
Remember to use the unique code - 4354503 when ordering to ensure funds are allocated to us.

order online at phone at 1300 551 106or by order form via
Thank you for supporting our fundraising,The committee of Nevus Support Australia Inc.

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