Thursday, 1 October 2009

When others make your life harder...

Some say that life is what you make it. Others say that your life is as hard as you make it. What crap I say today.

I went to the bank, yet again, to get even more paperwork. Buying a small piece of this country has cause so much drama and stress it is ridiculous. The mortgage is teeny in the scheme of mortgages, and yet, due to others mistakes, it has dragged on for longer than it should, and seen us sign more papers than I have in my lifetime so far.
'Someone' at the real estate made an error on our paperwork to start with. This caused dramas. Because of this mistake the bank that copied said paperwork, had theirs wrong.
On top of all of this our solicitor had to have us sign extra paperwork to correct all those mistakes. Sigh.

Honestly by the end I was expecting to get a blood test for them and hand over my 1st born.
Fingers crossed it will all be over in 2 weeks.

And then the real fun begins as 'Build a house for 8 people' begins. Yay.

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