Thursday, 23 April 2009

Time flies..

..before you know it a year goes by, then another. Our son has had several surgeries now, and will have more through his life.
Being in a large family however, life cannot stop or slow down. We just keep going. Our son is not treated different, or special, from the other children. We treat them all as unique little people, emerging into their own minds and bodies.

Being the 4th child, our son has older siblings who have things going on in their lives too. We go swimming, to the beach, to basketball, the park, playgrounds, shopping. We do anything and everything as your typical family.
While I do not want to take away that our son has challenges other children do not, and always will, we want him to be raised in a family that lives live to the full.

I love that he adored by his brothers and sisters. They see him as their brother. A part of our family. They love him, and as they do with with eachother will protect him. No matter what happens in his life with surgeries, challenges, and changes he will always have them, close by. They will all have eachother.
(Sappy enough? lol)

As with each baby, the previous siblings smother them with love and adoration. Sometimes a little too much smothering, but it is from the heart. This pic is of our son and his younger sister. He tries to be gentle with her, but sometimes doesn't realise his strength. He will try to help her get up, and will fling her across the room. Or try to push her on her bike, and watch her go flying!! She is quite tough though, and seems to enjoy his love. If she is upset or cries, he rushes over to try and help her in a soft voice saying "Baybee ok? Baybe ok?" Yes, heart melting, and more sappy. (Don't get too heart felt though, she is just as quick to squeal if he takes something off her, in which case the toy is promptly given back!)

This is his latest 'thing' poking out his tongue to the side as you take a photo. He laughs hysterically when he does it, and we groan. He then rushes over to look at the photo just taken, and laughs again louder.
As he approaches his 3rd birthday, I am filled with many emotions about our journey together. From pregnancy, birth to now. I remember in the early days, crying and thinking why him? why MY baby? A few weeks later I read a story from another mother, whose child also had a nevus. She was saying how she asked herself the same question. And then she thought, why not her child?
I thought about it a lot. She was right, why not? We all have challenges, forks in the road, some harder than others. We all have things to learn, and to teach others.
Our world needs to e reminded that we are all different, and that is ok, and should be celebrated. How boring if we all looked the same, thought the same, lived the same.
Embrace people for who they are on the inside, their thoughts, their wisdom, what they have to offer you and the world.
I often think that beauty is not able to be seen with the eye.
And on that note, I will be sure to talk about the other 4 magical children in my life too, real soon!


Sazz said...

I'm weaping here! I love your family so much. And that photo of 4 and 5 together is divine. And now the one month of my life that was going to be cluck-free is now clucky as all getout! hehe

Everyday I aspire to be as loving, patient, thoughtful and wise as you, dear mama. Sometimes I can't believe you even bless me with your friendship. It is this inherent goodness to you which sees you with a man who is truly your parnter, devoted and smitten entirely, and five gorgeous children. Number 4 is but another great blessing the universe bestowed upon you because she loves you xoxo

Un?touchable said...

Thank you so much for sharing your amazing journey. Your conclusion about "why him?" is so wise, I would really love to share it with people. I know you have said you don't want your story republished anywhere, but would you give permission for me to put a link to it on my blog?

Lauren said...

Beautifully written, C. What a gorgeous bunch you are!! x

Hearts and Hands said...

Thank you all :)
N, I am totally ok for people to link to my blog, that is fine.

Ren Ren said...

Wow... I am so glad that N posted a link to your blog. I just finished reading all three parts and am completely touched and inspired. You are a lovely Mamma. Thank you for sharing and I wish you and your dear family continued love and happiness!