Thursday, 31 July 2008

When Wednesday...

...on Thursday, again!

When someone replies to a post you made on a site 8 years ago!

Last week I received an email from a site I joined 8 years ago. It was a fairly new site about tracing family trees. In my research I hit a dead end so thought I would post to see if anyone could help me find more information.
My husband is rolling his eyes now and from here will skim through to the end, I can feel the love!

Anyhoo so last week another person joined up and started searching their tree and found my post. As it turns out her great grand father, and my great grandfather were brothers. She had bits and pieces that I didn't have, and vice versa. From there she put me on to another person she found who gave her info also. So all 3 of us have been passing info back and forth. It is very exciting and I am enjoying adding details and giving them out.

You can read again now dear!

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Steven said...

Whats a family Tree??