Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Bubs first word..

Dadda, followed by Dadadadadadadadadadada for the rest of the day, and every day since :) Huz is quite chuffed.
She looks at him and says it, with big smiles. She knows who he is.
We are now 3 to 2. Three of our children have said Mumma first, and now two have said Dada first.
All those people who tell you babes always say Dada first, nope! I was thrilled to pieces when our first babe said Mumma first. Of course I loved that he would look at me and say Mumma, but the cherry on top was that everyone kept telling us he would say Dada.
After telling everyone a few said they didn't believe it, he must have just been mumbling, until they saw him and he said it. Oh the surprise! Who was a happy mumma? :)

I may have pouted a teeny bit when bubs said Dadda loud and clear in the car last Friday, but I am not phased at all. I love watching her talk away and squeal at her Dadda when she sees him.


Cinnamon said...

Honestly? In our case I can't remember when Cassia first starting making "mama" and "dada" sounds but it was ages ago and I never ascribed an understanding of what they meant to her because they were never said in the right context. Last night, however, she definitely starting saying "dadada" as soon as Craig walked in the door. 13 months old. First word. Dada.

Dang it!

loz said...

Awwww so cute we had ma-ma first as well quickly followed by dada for both. Though I do think maybe K did say dada first gosh I probably should try to remember that lol