Thursday, 17 July 2008

Grown adult woman can count to 5!

So today we went out shopping. All of us. Crazy? Why yes I am!
I needed some containers for flour, sugar etc and also 2 pillows for our boys.
When I go out I try to be as quick as possible, avoid eye contact and keep the children close and focused on moving forward, fast!
Most times we go out I can get away with one, maybe two people telling me I have my hands full, or the favourite of late "Are they all yours?"
The latter I find most amusing. Why do people ask this? Do they think I am doing it for fun, with random children I have collected through the shops?

Anyway, back to today. After the 5th comment I tried to tune out. As we were leaving however a women stopped us. "Are they all yours?"
"You've got your hands full"
"That's what they say"
"one, two, three, four, five" With finger pointing at each one.

What am I meant to say as someone does this, with other people looking!!!
Should I clap my hands and congratulate them on counting to five? Something my 2 year old can do?!
Of course the children love a chat and didn't think anything of it, apart from being annoyed at me pushing them from behind with the stroller and saying "Move it" out the corner of my mouth.

Of course the fun didn't stop there, we then had 5 ramps to run and scream down to get to our level. I figured what the hell, people are looking anyway. So I joined in by pushing my son in the stroller fast while he squealed with delight, loving how the stroller could go on two wheels around the corners!
May as well give the people some entertainment while they stare hey?

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Cinnamon said...

Start practising witty comebacks like "Yes, each one of these children emerged from my vagina." and watch 'em run screaming. You could add "Ever heard of freebirth?" if you're feeling particularly feisty.